We Don't Wake the Sleeping Anything

Church happens bright and early every Sunday at 9 am. We live about half an hour away from our church building so to make it on time we’d need to be up and at ’em around 7:30 am. 7:30 am isn’t a problem for Addie, the kid was born to be ready at 7 am even on a lazy Saturday. Vivi on the other hand sleeps until at least 8:30 or 9, and we let her.

You see, Vivi doesn’t nap all that well. It’s a horrible thing to not have someone who is so opinionated and so full of life not nap when they need it the most. BUT, she sleeps like a champ at night. 8 pm – 9 am most nights. When it comes to waking sleeping children in this house? We just don’t do it.

Here’s the thing, I can let her sleep because I am able to stay home with her. BUT because I stay home with her I need her well rested or all hell could very well break loose. If she doesn’t nap we have a very long sad o’clock until bedtime. We’ve tried putting her to bed earlier, she just sings and screams at us from her crib. We’ve tried waking her up early and she just ends up cranky and outraged when we put her down for a nap.

With Addie, I was on my own 90% of the time with Cody in school and work full time. I NEEDED her to sleep and/or nap or I wouldn’t get a moment to myself, with stifling postpartum depression I made sure Addie was an excellent sleeper and many of the tricks I learned carried over to Vivi. Blackout shades, white noise machines, fans and a rigid nighttime routine are common around these parts. It takes a divine alignment of elements to get a nap out of Vivi, even if she’s not down with actually sleeping, she still spends an hour hanging out with bunny in her crib.

In this house we understand just how vital sleep is for all of us, which is why we embrace it and never interrupt it when possible.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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