We Need An Umbrella Stroller

I’ve talked a bit about our stroller slump here before. I love our BOB stroller, but Cullen is starting to resist it’s inclined seat (okay, that is a huge understatement), and I’m also realizing that we might need something a bit smaller and more portable. We have a couple of trips coming up, and I know from experience that lugging a huge jogging stroller through the airport is not ideal. I’d like to take all the things we love about our current stroller, and combine it with all the things I wish I could change – to find the perfect, portable stroller.

The most important feature? Seat position. Our number one gripe with the current stroller is that the seat (even in it’s most upright position) is too reclined. Cullen goes nuts arching his back and sinking even lower, just making the problem worse. We have tried some strollers with a more upright seat, and I know he is much more comfortable that way. Honestly, this is one of the main reasons for getting something new.

In reading a million different umbrella stroller reviews, it seems like there are a ton of other features to consider:  price (of course) weight, foldability (did I just make up a word?), storage, shade protection, and steering, among other things. I’m hoping some of you more experienced moms can weigh in on what models and features you like best!

Ideally, we just want something we can keep in the car for quick shopping trips, roaming around the zoo, and occasional travel.  I don’t see this becoming an every day replacement for the BOB. But I do think that after 16 months with one stroller, it’s time to expand our options. Most of the time these days, Cullen is content to just walk anyway. But there are always going to be times – like airports or parking lots – where something like this will really come in hand.

Please weigh in with any favorite models or style! We leave for vacation at the end of the week, and I still have time to Amazon prime something straight to my doorstep! In return, I promise to report back afterward with what I learn, and what we ultimately choose!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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