We Pushed Back Bedtime And Now We're Screwed

Is he TWO or TOO tired?

Back when I was working outside of the home (oh, there I go again! mentioning work! and how I stay home now!), Harrison and I didn’t roll into the driveway until 6:15pm on average.  Bedtime strictly began at 7pm so I will let you do the math…

…but I was never good at math and I’ll assume nobody else was, so that’s 45 minutes each night to fix and serve and eat supper, play, plus do any “loud” picking-up like vacuuming.  We were in a time crunch, to put it kindly.  I stressed every night about quick, healthy meals and quality time with my kiddo and it never seemed to be enough.   We could have delayed bedtime, except we were already having to wake him each morning to hurry out the door by 7am…which made an already long day for my little guy.

So when I started being home (there I go again!), Harrison had the chance to sleep in and we started pushing back bedtime.  Now I am wondering if we went to far and if his over-tiredness is the cause of his recent behavior issues.

It started off so innocently, that my husband wanted more time with Harrison at the end of the day and I’d say, “Well, he can sleep in!” so bedtime was pushed to 7:30pm.  Then 7:45pm.  Then 8:00pm.  I’m kind of ashamed to say that lately, my two-year-old has been hitting the hay around 8:45pm lately, almost a full two hours past the schedule he kept just two months ago.  It was fine in the beginning when he was sleeping in until 8am and sometimes 9am, but with the time change and sunlight, he’s been up by 7am the past few weeks.

He’s also started being far more defiant, much more picky with food and throwing the most EPIC tantrums over the tiniest thing.  My once easy-going tot is a full-on hurricane of unbridled energy and emotion and I am left wondering…is it because he’s over-tired?

He’s only logging 10 hours per night when he used to snag almost 12 and with his age, he’s also starting to cut back on naps.  So maybe the behavior that I write-off as “two” or “adjusting” to me being home is really just a very exhausted toddler.

Tonight we’re going to have him in bed by 8pm and keep that regular and hopefully we will see a change in attitude.  Have you ever faced a problem like this?  I’d love to know your thoughts and tips!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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