Weaning Update: We're Down To the Wire!

bottle of breastmilk
Ma mook going bye-bye.

Last week I wrote about how I’m going away from my children for THREE whole days and nights for the first time since…ever.

As I explained in the post, we’re seemingly far away from being done with nursing. A lot of the commenters suggested that I just go with the flow (no pun intended) and see what happens when I get back.

But I did start to worry a little about my boobs.

I figured it would be easier on me if I cut down to at most twice a day. So, I’ve been trying extra hard to keep the boob at bay. During the day, it’s been no issue at all.

Yesterday, I nursed him at dawn (no idea what time it was…but it was getting light out), and then not again until the following midnight. He did ask for it two or three times between 4pm and bedtime, but I managed to distract him, using one of the 7 tips I offered earlier. Then at bedtime, he and my husband had the following conversation:

Fuzz: “Ma mook.”

Daddy: “How about Daddy cuddles?”

Fuzz: “Mook.”

Daddy: “Daddy cuddles.”

Fuzz: “Mook.”

Daddy: “Daddy cuddles.”

Fuzz: “MOOK.”

Daddy: “Daddy cuddles.”


Fuzz:  “Daddy.” (as he reached for him).

It was darn cute and we dodged that bullet.

The problem arose during the night. When he woke up at midnight, I almost didn’t nurse him, but then thought it had probably been 18 hours since his last nursing, so I may as well. Perhaps that was a mistake because then he wanted to nurse three more times during the night and again at dawn. I gave in to one of the night time ones, so he nursed twice between 12 and 6. He wears me down by going back to sleep for twenty minutes between asking for it again. He has some magic formula for exhaustion.

During the days, I have been talking to him about the milk going away, and while it’s hard to tell, I think on some extremely base level, he gets it. But he keeps changing the subject. I guess it’s difficult for him.

So, we’re not at two times a day yet, but hey, I still have two more days to go, right?

Wish me luck.

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