Wet Butt Vivi the Puddle Sitter

Vivi on puddle patrol.

If you let a toddler play in the rain, they will become obsessed with puddles and sit in them. Even if it’s in the middle of the library parking lot.

Oh, that’s just my toddler?

Vivi is drawn to puddles, it’s as though she sees more than a quarter inch of moisture gathered together on the ground and something inside of her can’t resist the allure of shoving her little paddy in it, only today she took it one step further and took it upon herself to soak up the entire puddle, with her pants.

I don’t do the stroller all that often, especially if I have Addie with me. The two of us together should be able to manage whatever a 16 month old can throw at us? Right? Well my friends, I can tell you I was not prepared for puddle sitting this afternoon. One arm was carrying a canvas bag with 10 board books and 5 chapter books while the other arm desperately clutched to the squirrely little fingers of Vivi. It’s so hard to keep a firm grip on a little hand without worrying you’re hurting them, or worse, pulling hard enough that if they go boneless they risk ending up with their head on the pavement.

In front of us was the puddle, she bent down, splashed in it then squatted right down like that puddle was her own personal parking lot bathtub. Convincing her to keep moving was like convincing a lizard to get off a warm rock. Once we finally made it to the car I did the one foot behind her bum, drop her hand so I could open the door trick (perhaps you’re familiar?) and before I could even bend down to pick her up she was butt down in another puddle.

If this were Utah, puddles wouldn’t be much of a concern. Rarely does it ever rain enough to produce puddles.

But Indiana? Sheesh, if we had a state weather symbol it would be the puddle.

Guess I’ll have to pack a spare pair of pants, use the stroller a little more often or just give in to wet-butt-vivi-the-puddle-sitter.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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