What 9/11 Means to Our Family

I don’t think there is one person in the world who doesn’t remember where they were on September 11th, 2001. Me, I was in school. My sophomore year of high school and we were getting ready to take the bus back to my high school from the vocational program I attended.

My husband, he was in Parris Island, South Carolina in boot camp for the United States Marine Corps. He wasn’t told about the attacks until days after the fact.

Now, a decade and change later, it has become more personal to us. My husband is a volunteer fireman in our hometown. In fact, the only firemen we have in our town are volunteers. Brave men and women who volunteer their time and put their lives on the line for the safety of our community.

But did you know, most fire departments across the country are volunteer? In fact that number is as high as 76%.

For our family, it has become a second home. Our children have grown up in the fire house. My middle son made his first trip to the fire house at five days old, today he could walk through the fire house and tell you every truck, where it belongs inside the firehouse bays, and they respect the fire service.

What do my toddlers want to be when they grow up? Firemen.
When we went to the 9/11 memorial a couple weeks ago, they wanted to go to the fire house and see the “fellas” as they call all the firemen. They automatically think all the firemen are our friends because all the events we go to as a family, they are family. It is a great life long lesson for them.

I wanted to share some pictures of our children, and the 9/11 memorial from when we visited.

Where were you on September 11th, 2001?


  • 9/11 Preview Site 1 of 12
    9/11 Preview Site
    We didn't go in this year, but two years ago we went through here, and the memorial. It is very touching.
  • Freedom Tower 2 of 12
    Freedom Tower
    We were walking down the city streets heading towards the memorial site, and this was all we could see from the sky. It is so high my cell phone camera couldn't get the whole tower in the photo.
  • Ladder 10 3 of 12
    Ladder 10
    As we walked up to Ladder company 10, who has a memorial outside of their fire house, they were leaving on a call. Their trucks are painted amazingly!
  • The Freedom Tower 4 of 12
    The Freedom Tower
    I love this shot of the Freedom Tower as well.
  • The South Tower Reflection Pool 5 of 12
    The South Tower Reflection Pool
    The South Tower Pool is the first of the reflection pools we saw when entering the memorial. They are absolutely breathtaking. They don't look big, or deep. But they are giant.
  • A Family Shot 6 of 12
    A Family Shot
    That is the North Tower Reflection pool in the background. The kids didn't really understand, but we tried to tell them in the most kid friendly terms.
  • The Ladder 10 Memorial Wall 7 of 12
    The Ladder 10 Memorial Wall
    This is the wall outside of the Ladder 10 Fire House. It depicts the events of the entire day. While we were at the memorial, there was a sidewalk preacher telling about the history of the day. Definitely scared the kids.
  • Reflection 8 of 12
    My friend H, who lived in NYC met up with us. I snapped this picture when she wasn't paying attention. She was reflecting about the events of the day, and how her mother who worked in one of the towers barely made it out alive that day.
  • Somber 9 of 12
    When I look at this picture, I can only think of the word somber. Harmlessly playing while both my husband and I were really sad on the inside.
  • The South Tower Reflection Pool 10 of 12
    The South Tower Reflection Pool
    Ben and I stopped at the south tower's reflection pool for a picture together.
  • Addie Ran 11 of 12
    Addie Ran
    Addison ran all over the memorial. It was touching to watch.
  • 343 12 of 12
    In the attacks on 9/11, 343 emergency responders were lost. We honor every one of them. Along with all the victims of that day.

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