What Does Your Kid Call "Down There"? Our Readers Respond

Even before it’s time to talk the birds and the bees, kids have many reasons to discuss their … well, you know. We asked our Facebook fans the following question:

What does your kid call “down there”? What did your parents have you call it, growing up?

Here are a few of the most creative (and hilarious!) answers, which will either leave you speaking like Dr. Seuss or signing up for the nearest anatomy class! — Rebecca Bohanan


  • Lucy 1 of 22
    My daughter says girls have a "Lucy" and boys have a "tool!"
    Submitted by Amanda Mullins
  • Cookie 2 of 22
    My son calls his "Weecho" and the girls call theirs "cookies."
    Submitted by Shanika GetonMylevel Williams
  • Duck 3 of 22
    One day I was giving my daughter a bath, and she said, "Quack, quack! Don't touch my duck!"
    Submitted by Apolonia Sanchez
  • Virginia 4 of 22
    My son calls it his "peanut" and my girls don't talk yet, but I called it "Virginia."
    Submitted by Michele Pankey Barragan
  • Dinka Dink 5 of 22
    Dinka Dink
    My son knows the real name but he still calls it a "dinka dink!"
    Submitted by Ebony Takeitorleaveit Jones
  • Hoohaa 6 of 22
    My son calls it his "dinka" and my girls call theirs "hoohaas." When I was a girl, I called it hoohaa, too.
    Submitted by Tiffany Beard
  • Stripe 7 of 22
    My youngest son once told me that girls have a stripe! Funniest thing I've ever heard.
    Submitted by Mary Kulin
  • Pirate 8 of 22
    My daughter calls it her "pirate," because that's what she said when she was younger and trying to say "private." (Pirate is a lot funnier!)
    Submitted by Melissa Sharp
  • Worm 9 of 22
    My daughter says Dad has a "wiggly worm."
    Submitted by Becki Phillips
  • Monkey 10 of 22
    My kids call it "monkey." It worked for four kids over the last 14 years!
    Submitted by Stephanie Carrillo
  • Tail 11 of 22
    My oldest daughter is four and says that boys have tails. She doesn't really have a name for her parts, though. It's kind of a topic where if she doesn't ask what it is, I'm not gonna tell her!
    Submitted by Ashley Gilley
  • Private Stuff 12 of 22
    Private Stuff
    My daughter calls it her "private stuff." My husband grew up using "pud," and I was taught "vajayjay" pretty much from birth.
    Submitted by Tiffany Cianci
  • Pocketbook 13 of 22
    I've heard some parents use "pocketbook."
    Submitted by Amber Sumthin
  • Beanis 14 of 22
    My son calls it his "beanis!"
    Submitted by Pamela Gagliani Cukor
  • Noodle 15 of 22
    My son used to call his penis a "noodle."
    Submitted by Melanie Saucier Tompkins
  • Gucci 16 of 22
    We call it "Gucci" — women's most prized possession!
    Submitted by Shallana Gutierrez
  • Front Butt 17 of 22
    Front Butt
    My oldest daughter called it her "front butt."
    Submitted by Kimberly Weiss
  • Shredder 18 of 22
    My husband told me his penis was called "Shredder" growing up, in reference to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character, because Shredder's helmet looked like the head of a penis.
    Submitted by Ashley Strange
  • Toot 19 of 22
    My sons call theirs "turtles" and my daughter says she has a "toot."
    Submitted by Tiffany Carnes
  • Butterfly 20 of 22
    My daughter calls it her "butterfly."
    Submitted by Stephanie Lynch
  • Catuki 21 of 22
    My grandma used to remind me when I took a bath to make sure to scrub my "catuki." I have no clue where she got that word, but it always made me laugh!
    Submitted by Carrie Veatch
  • Girl Bait 22 of 22
    Girl Bait
    My son calls his "girl bait!" He's five!
    Submitted by Kourtney Smith


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