What Has The World’s Best Father Been Up To?

Last year I covered Dave Engledow’s Kickstarter campaign for a fabulous new photography project he had created. Well. That got funded in 5 short days, due to the sheer awesome hilarity and mad photo-shop skills displayed through his work. He went viral.

Now? Now he has fans all over the world. He printed the calendars as a limited edition of 1,500 and sold them all within the first 6 weeks or so, of which I bought quite a few of myself to give away as Christmas presents last year. One is on our own fridge. My son LOVES it and asks to take it down at least once a week to have a flip-through. It would seem people of all ages and walks of life dig his dark humour and have all fallen in love with the star of his photographic genius; his adorable toddler daughter, Alice Bee.

So where has all of this notoriety and success brought him? What’s on the horizon? Click through for a sneak peek of what Engledow will be publishing in his much anticipated, World’s Best Father book, to be released in June 2014 and a few glimpses of their everyday life together.

All images used with permission via Dave Engledow, be sure to check out my little interview with him after the slideshow!

  • Engledow Art Photography 1 of 17

    Expect the usual slapstick hilarity and an open look at heart rendering family reunions. Most captions as quoted by the photographer himself!

  • Military Mama 2 of 17

    "Today marks one year since Jen left for her tour in South Korea. I posted this image exactly 365 days ago, and am excited about being able to finally shoot the sequel to this one nine short days from now." - Dave

  • Mother & Daughter Reunited At Last 3 of 17

    "After 375 days and a 30 hour return trip home that included a canceled flight due to stormy weather, all her luggage still unaccounted for somewhere in New York, and a late night amtrak trip to Baltimore where her husband provided her with clean clothes he bought at Target on his way to pick her up, Jen was finally reunited with Alice Bee this morning." - Dave

  • Ice Cream Is Serious Business 4 of 17

    "Alice Bee loved being on 'pacation,' especially the frozen custard stand on the boardwalk." - Dave

  • What Parenting a Toddler Really Looks Like 5 of 17

    "This is one of those impromptu shots—Alice Bee was begging me to hold her upside down, and the camera just happened to be sitting on the mantle. Even though I didn't get this framed as perfectly as I would have liked, I still think it does a pretty good job of capturing the simple joy of hanging out with daddy." - Dave

  • ‘Behind The Scenes’ 6 of 17

    "A peek behind the scenes of today's photo shoot for our WBF book. The final version of this shot will be exclusive for the book, which should be available for purchase June 2014." - Dave

  • Swiper No Swiping! 7 of 17

    "Not good—Alice Bee has already figured out the magic power of Daddy's credit card."  - Dave

  • Hold The Mayo 8 of 17

    "During our Cinco de Mayo shoot, Alice Bee decided she doesn't like mayonnaise very much." - Dave

  • It’s The Thought That Counts 9 of 17

    "Alice Bee hopes all you mothers have a happy day. She feels kinda bad for eating all your chocolates, but as she points out, there is still one left just for you." - Dave

  • Busted! 10 of 17

    Yeah, Wyndham is doing this too! On the regular now to get to the snack cupboard. I mean, why wouldn't he? It's a toddler thing, yo. 


  • Yoga Master 11 of 17

    "Alice Bee is getting pretty good at her downward facing dog, but she's going to have to really work hard if she wants to master the one-handed firefly like her old man." - Dave

  • ‘iDad’ 12 of 17

    "Installing video chat on all our devices has totally allowed me to take my parenting skills to the next level. Even when I'm updating my status or checking sports scores online, I can still make sure Alice Bee is eating all her peas." - Dave

  • ‘Having a Ball’ 13 of 17

    "Alice Bee had a great time today at Pororo Park, including spending lots of time in the giant ball pit." - Dave

  • Portrait by Bee 14 of 17

    "During a shoot this afternoon, Alice Bee kept running up to my camera, pressing buttons, and saying, "I wan' take a picture!" I thought it would be cool to put her enthusiasm to good use, so I quickly set the camera up in her room and let her take over. This is a single shot, and my favorite of about 15 or so that she took." - Dave

  • Wonderman and Batgirl 15 of 17

    "For Father's Day, Alice Bee picked out these two masks for me and her to wear. Unfortunately for me, she insisted on being Batman. (Editor's note: this story is actually true. Alice's friend Terri helped her pick these out, and when Alice gave me my presents this morning, she insisted that I take the Wonder Woman headpiece so that she could be Batman.)" - Dave

  • Sunburn 16 of 17

    "Even with a private cabana, umbrella, sun hat, and Alice Bee to help apply sunscreen, I still got completely fried at the beach" - Dave

  • Pretty Cool! 17 of 17

     "I was asked to display 3 images for a photo exhibition at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History.  We've had lots of magazine and newspaper articles published over the past year--not only in the US, but also in China, Poland, Italy, England, Australia, Brazil and others.  We have been so amazed by the amount of attention these images have received over the past year, and so grateful to everyone who has supported our work." ~Dave
    Congrats Dave!

Can you tell me a bit about what it’s like to parent a toddler solo for long stretches of time when your wife is on tour duty? I believe she’s home right now – is this correct?

Dave: Yes, Jen is home after a year away. Having a parent overseas is a challenge a lot of military families face, and support networks are very important. I was very lucky to have a lot of support with Alice while Jen was overseas–in addition to a wonderful caretaker who adores Alice and picked her up from pre-school every day, we also had many friends and colleagues volunteer to help out. We kept in touch with Mommy via FaceTime on the iPad, which was also a big help. Even with all of this, it was still a very exhausting year. Alice is a very energetic, curious and strong-willed two-year old, and she definitely kept me on my toes. Bedtime was particularly challenging at times, with Alice always wanting “one more story”. But we made it through the year, and are both extremely happy to have Jen back home with us.

You mention being at work…you mean you do something else outside of this?!?!

Dave: I have a full-time job as the Deputy Director of Working America, community affiliate of the AFL-CIO.  Photography is currently something I do in what little free time I have. I generally shoot photos with Alice on the weekends and edit at night after she has gone to bed.

Any plans or details about the new book you’d like to share?

Dave: I’m very excited about the new book, which will be published by Gotham in June 2014. The book will contain at least 70 images from the WBF series, including a number of never-before-seen images that will be exclusive to the book.

Make sure to check out Engledow’s Facebook page, full of a fine mix of more hilarious, adorable and touching photos.


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