What If Toddlers Could Be President?

What if?

Politics. It is all we have been hearing about for months, whether we want to or not. And most of us are already sick of the upcoming election before “election season” really starts!

The other night I was watching some lawmakers of our country on television and I started to see characteristics of my own toddlers in them. No, I am completely serious and I am sure lately you have seen the same!

I started thinking of all the hysterical laws toddlers would put in place if they ran our country. You know just thinking about it you would come up with tons of off the wall things your toddler would want mandatory!


Naps by law, chips for breakfast and adult vehicles outlawed off the road for power wheels and tricycles just to name a few! I am sure that some of us wouldn’t mind what they could come up with though. I mean, who wouldn’t love a daily nap time? I know I would because I can never get any sleep at night these days!

Think about it… isn’t it a hysterical possibility?
Of course we know it would never happen but its funny either way!

If your toddler was President, what kind of changes could we expect from them?

  • Dessert for Breakfast! 1 of 7
    Dessert for Breakfast!
    If your toddler is anything like mine he would want to be indulging in the petite treat for dessert before his day even started!
    Check out this dessert recipe on Family Kitchen!
  • Manditory Nap Time 2 of 7
    Manditory Nap Time
    We all know that toddlers may really hate naps once they hit a certain age, but they do really secretly love them! If toddlers were in control the whole country would shut down for a couple hours a day so we could have a community nap as a country. That would totally be ok with me!
  • Daily Arts & Crafts 3 of 7
    Daily Arts & Crafts
    Who wouldn't love daily arts and crafts time? Well under toddler rule it would be mandatory as well! Would it really be a bad thing though?
    Check out this post with lots of awesome Toddler Crafts for Spring!
  • Time Outs for Adults 4 of 7
    Time Outs for Adults
    Ever have your toddler think YOU need a time out. Yeah I have totally been there, mainly when putting my own toddler in time out. Could you imagine a world where toddlers could actually put us in time out? It could happen!
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • So Long Campaign Promises! 5 of 7
    So Long Campaign Promises!
    You know all those campaign promises politicians purposely forget? Well in the world of toddlers they actually will legitimately forget what they promised you!
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Move Over Full Size Cars! 6 of 7
    Move Over Full Size Cars!
    Move over actual cars... we are making an entire lane for big wheels, tricycles, power wheels, and anything else the toddlers want to commute on!
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • New Decorators! 7 of 7
    New Decorators!
    Move over interior decorators... the toddlers are here! Can you imagine the Oval Office being a play room? Well under toddler rule it will be!
    Photo Credit: Flickr

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