What It’s Like to Live With Grandparents (Momma Edition)

Hey y’all, it’s BA and I’ve retrieved my computer back from sticky little fingers.

So you got your daily dose of cute with Harry’s take and are probably thinking how swell it sounds to live with your folks, right?  Harry isn’t entirely incorrect — it IS the cat’s pajamas a lot of the time.  But there are some downsides and a lot of hard work that as a kid, he doesn’t get to see.

Here’s how the last four months have gone from the parenting perspective, from the good stuff to the hard stuff to the downright funny:

  • I still have to cook 1 of 13
    I still have to cook
    My mom and I split the dinner duties, but I usually cook twice per week on my own and help out the other nights. See also: dishes for 5 people.
  • Date nights are easy! 2 of 13
    Date nights are easy!
    Date nights are SO EASY because we have built-in baby sitters. woohooo!
  • Silent maritals 3 of 13
    Silent maritals
    I may be married with a kid, but it still feels weird to be "doing it" in my parents' house.
  • Unsolicited advice 4 of 13
    Unsolicited advice
    On parenting, jobs, house, when we're having another baby ... yeah, I've heard it all.
  • It’s hard to find me time in a house with five people 5 of 13
    It's hard to find me time in a house with five people
    It's hard to physically separate myself from all the commotion of people, dogs, telephone, computers, etc.
  • Their wine and beer leave something to be desired 6 of 13
    Their wine and beer leave something to be desired
    My parents have only just started keeping alcohol in the house, but it's usually Bud Light or merlot in the fridge. I miss a good craft beer like whoa.
  • Sharing a bathroom with my kid and husband 7 of 13
    Sharing a bathroom with my kid and husband
    It's honestly not that bad, but we're not big bathroom people. It's kind of nice to see my toothbrush next to Harry's.
  • I still have to clean 8 of 13
    I still have to clean
    Not just our room -- I clean the house by myself every other weekend and help my mom on the other weekends. I also keep our room, Harry's room, and bathroom up throughout the week. It only seems fair since I added 3 people and a dog to the house. Oh, yeah. And I'm keeping my other house prepared for closing, walk-through, etc.
  • I can’t find anything I want to wear 9 of 13
    I can't find anything I want to wear
    Or my curlers. Or my shoes. When I do find it, it's so wrinkly that I have to make time to iron it (see above: living out of a suitcase).
  • Storms on the horizon 10 of 13
    Storms on the horizon
    As in, arguments. Four adults, one child, four months ... and it's election season. Hold on to your hats, people.
  • Group Hugs 11 of 13
    Group Hugs
    Squeezing my baby, husband, and parents at the end of each day is simply amazing.
  • Living out of a suitcase 12 of 13
    Living out of a suitcase
    The chaos in the room that Doug and I live in goes against every bone in my OCD body. We have four suitcases flung open, our clothes folded in a chest, a few things hanging in an overcrowded closet. But we also have our books and computer and laundry in that room, too.
  • More time with Harrison 13 of 13
    More time with Harrison
    Cutting down that commute has made it so worth it to gain an extra 2 hours a day with my kiddo.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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