What Mazzy’s Been Up To

If you haven’t noticed, I took some time off from writing for Babble. Since Harlow was born in mid-November, I’ve been finding it difficult to find time to parent, blog (both here and on Mommy Shorts) and as of last month, go back to work.

Well, now I’m back, with a lighter posting schedule (something had to give!), and a plethora of topics to write about.

Mazzy has obviously still been out and about, living her life as a three-year-old on the streets of New York City. That makes her sound like she is homeless, but I assure you, she has somewhere to sleep at night (whether or not she chooses to actually sleep).

Here’s what she has been up to since I took my Babble hiatus, all documented on Instagram— if you want to follow me, I’m @mommyshorts.

  • Shopping at K-Mart 1 of 16
    Shopping at K-Mart
    Mazzy likes a good bargain just like everybody else.
  • Potty Training 2 of 16
    Potty Training
    Mazzy is officially and FINALLY potty trained. More on this to come.
  • Riding in the Back Seat 3 of 16
    Riding in the Back Seat
    We recently brought out our double stroller and Mazzy has no problem hopping in the back and giving Harlow shotgun.
  • Hanging out at Sesame Street Headquarters 4 of 16
    Hanging out at Sesame Street Headquarters
    Mazzy was at a party to preview some new games— this is their elevator bank.
  • Getting Her Hair Done 5 of 16
    Getting Her Hair Done
    This happened when I left her alone in the bathroom with Grammy for two seconds. Understandably, she ripped them off her head two seconds later.
  • Sledding 6 of 16
    Mazzy went for her first sled ride during the big winter storm a few weeks ago.
  • Playing Soccer 7 of 16
    Playing Soccer
    Every Saturday morning, my husband takes Mazzy to Super Soccer Stars.
  • Becoming Macaulay Culkin 8 of 16
    Becoming Macaulay Culkin
    This is the expression she made upon seeing herself in a funhouse mirror. Look familiar?
  • Playing the Harmonica 9 of 16
    Playing the Harmonica
    Why play the harmonica at home when you can potentially make some change playing it on the street?
  • Having Dim Sum 10 of 16
    Having Dim Sum
    Here she is with her friend Gavin drinking tea (aka apple juice) at Dim Sum Go Go.
  • Standing Inside a Giant Bubble 11 of 16
    Standing Inside a Giant Bubble
    Grammy and I took Mazzy to the Gazillion Bubble Show in Times Square.
  • Eating Carbs 12 of 16
    Eating Carbs
    Mazzy wouldn't be Mazzy if she wasn't constantly chowing down on a bagel.
  • Being Artsy 13 of 16
    Being Artsy
    Here's Mazzy squirting the entire bottle of sparkly gold paint into the bottom of her DIY treasure chest.
  • Museum Hopping 14 of 16
    Museum Hopping
    Here she is checking out the dinosaurs at the American Museum of Natural History.
  • Joining the Birthday Party Circuit 15 of 16
    Joining the Birthday Party Circuit
    Mazzy goes to at least one birthday party per weekend. I'm told that's pretty standard amongst the preschool set.
  • Wearing Sunglasses Indoors 16 of 16
    Wearing Sunglasses Indoors
    Cause you know, that's what all the cool kids do.

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