What My Toddler Thinks I Do All Day

workingmomThis week has been kind of tough for me and Harrison when it comes to my office hours.

We had such an amazing weekend together – he was in a great mood, we went to the park and the weather was gorgeous on Sunday. It’s not a surprise that on Monday morning, neither of us wanted the weekend to end. Unfortunately, only one of us is an adult that rationalizes weekends versus weekdays, which meant that getting out the door included a face-plant on the floor wail session. (It was the three-year-old, I promise. I like my job and do not do face-plants over it.)

I explained to him that I needed to go to work to make money and he cried, “NO! Daddies go to work to make money!” A piece of me broke off and hurt at his words, but I took a deep breath and told him that mommies make money, too. My job is to go to work to make money and his job is to go to school to learn and play with his friends.

Drop-off that morning went smoothly, thankfully, but we’ve had this same conversation every day since then. sigh.

Instead of getting frustrated, I decided to ask Harry what he thinks I do all day. Here’s what he said:

  • Eat treats. 1 of 7
    Eat treats.
    Seriously, the kid thinks I sit around and eat donuts and chocolate and Cheetos all day. Sorry, kiddo. It's water and a banana for snack between meetings.
  • Play Angry Birds 2 of 7
    Play Angry Birds
    His new obsession with this game means that he thinks I spend every single moment of my day killing piggies. Because that's what he'd like to do.
  • Hang out with Daddy 3 of 7
    Hang out with Daddy
    without him, which is the ultimate insult in his eyes. No dice, Harry. Daddy's at his own office.
  • Be silly 4 of 7
    Be silly
    What he really said was that he thinks I poop all day and any kind of potty humor these days is meant to be silly, so I'm translating it to mean he thinks I'm silly all day. Or that I eat a lot of fiber.
  • Dance 5 of 7
    I mean, sometimes I do a little jig in my cubicle when I get a hard piece of coding to work.
  • Play outside 6 of 7
    Play outside
    Too bad the only link to the outside is my 5-minute walk to my car for lunch or at the end of the day. Instead, I have a few semi-blocked windows to let in light.
  • Drink coffee 7 of 7
    Drink coffee
    Finally, he gets one right.

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