What to Do with All Those Preschool Papers

If you have a child in preschool, you probably feel my pain: your child brings home more paper every day then you know what to do with.

From simple coloring pages to handwriting practice and number charts, my daughter brings home anywhere from one to five papers every day. And while each one is special and sweet in its own way, they all look pretty similar, and the reality is that we just can’t keep every single one.

But throwing away my daughter’s art and work breaks my heart just a little bit.

So, what to do with all those papers? Well I’ve come up with a few ideas.

1. Reuse Them

Most of the papers, though precious, are not really worth keeping. So, those go into a pile that my kids pull from almost every day to color, draw, paint or otherwise create with. It’s kinda nice to have a continuous supply of scrap paper for them since they use a lot of it. Once both sides of it have been used, it usually ends up in the recycle bin.

2. Display Them

I’ve been finding lots of inspiration on Pinterest lately for displaying my kids’ artwork. I love the ideas of hanging a couple of clipboards on the wall to quickly and easily change out pictures, or hanging blank picture frames where artwork can be displayed inside. I plan to choose some of the best papers or art to display for a few weeks, and then rotate them out for new ones.

3. File Them

Although I don’t want to keep all the papers, I do want to keep some of them. So, I’ve been picking a few things to put into a file that show the development of my daughter’s drawing or handwriting. Because I don’t want the file to be too full, I have to be really picky, but when I find one I want to keep, I put the date on it and her age and slip it into the file, hopefully I’ll be able to put together a cute book for her when she’s older with her work from over the years.

4. Remember Them

I really like the idea of taking a picture of your child’s artwork and papers that you want to remember, but don’t necessarily want to keep. So you can keep a digital record of it, without the actual paper clutter. I’ve also seen cool collages made out of prints of the favorite artwork.

So, those are the four basic ways that I’m dealing with the papers that come home with my daughter from preschool. Another fun idea for this time of year is to make the artwork into a card to send to grandparents, cousins, or other family or friends.

What do you do with the artwork your child creates?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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