What to Get the Toddler Who Has Nothing: These 10 Awesomely Basic Toys

Toddler toys
Unfortunately, this doesn’t come in adult sizes

You’d probably think I were kidding if I told you my 15-month-old daughter Peony has next to no toys.

The sad thing is, I’m not.

Most of the toys her older sister Petunia had at his age were hand-me-downs from my sister’s three older kids. Which means by the time they got to us, they were in good or decent shape, but likely missing a piece or five. Petunia survived, but most of the toys did not.

The ones that did survive the Petunia Test were mostly weeded out at some point between then and now mostly because I can’t stand clutter. It’s totally selfish, I know: Putting my need for visual calm above my daughters’ need for development and entertainment. And yet it’s the cold, hard truth.

At first Peony didn’t seem to mind having no toys. I’m guessing that because she didn’t say anything (although, granted, she said nothing — ever — because she was a baby and couldn’t talk). But now she’s 15-months-old, and while I work from home with her, she’s all like, “Hello? Mom? What did you want me to do all day while you sit there on that thing pushing buttons on that thing with the screen that looks so fun but that I’m not allowed to touch otherwise you get all ornery?”

So for this holiday season, instead of telling people to get Peony nothing (like I told them last year in an earnest yet unrealistic attempt to think I could raise children who don’t get holiday gifts), I’m all about giving people a directive.

These are the 10 toys Peony is enjoying for Hanukkah (and Christmas), because the basics seems like an excellent place to start:



Article Posted 4 years Ago

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