What Vivi Wants vs. What Vivi Gets

Dear Santa, iPad please. Love, Vivi

Dear Vivi, Try again kid. Love, Santa.

Vivi’s second Christmas is just around the corner and she has absolutely no idea. We could give her a box and she’d be happy. Addie has made at least a dozen Christmas lists for both herself and her baby sister. “Vivi doesn’t know what to ask for, so I’ll just ask for her. Is that okay?” Sure Addie, that’s fine. The only problem is Addie thinks Vivi wants Barbie Dolls and Legos. (The little ones, not the big kid friendly ones, even those ones still hurt to step on.) Given that Cody and I will be playing Santa we have different ideas of what will be waiting for Vivi under the tree come Christmas morning.

That doesn’t mean that Vivi doesn’t have her own ideas of what she’d like if she could ask Santa for a few bits and baubles. Addie at least understands that she won’t be getting an iPad, Vivi on the other hand would not only like one, she’d probably end up in tears at the Apple store demanding one if I were dumb enough to take her in there. (Thankfully I’m not. That Vivi, she’s a spirited little creature.)

  • What Vivi Wants: 1 of 12
    What Vivi Wants:
    A farm tractor. The big wheels! All the stuff to climb on! THE KNOBS! The steering wheel! The loud engine! The go! go! go! What Vivi doesn't realize is while the tractor she saw in Ohio had a dozen farm cats living underneath it, cats are not standard issue when one buys a new tractor.
  • What Vivi Gets: 2 of 12
    What Vivi Gets:
    This WOW Bumpity Bump Bernie. WOW toys don't require batteries, but still do fun things with just a little bit of push power. They are my best friend's favorite toy brand and this will be my first investment in them. There was a pink girly version available, but I figured long term the farm themed toys would be more fun, you know, if a boy ever showed up.
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  • What Vivi Wants: 3 of 12
    What Vivi Wants:
    Our family picture album. Sure, we can look at it together, but on her own? Nope. That book took me three weeks of work and cost well over $100 for me to make. It's also not exactly bedtime reading material given that it's over 200 pages. Sorry Vivi, when it comes to reading books together at night, we're going to have to keep it on your level.
  • What Vivi Gets: 4 of 12
    What Vivi Gets:
    This Doggies by Sandra Boynton book. We borrowed this book from the library and we have no choice but to own it. Vivi loves dogs, she loves woofing at them and she loves when we woof at her while reading this book. It's one of the few things she wants me to do for her instead of her dad. I am a much better woofer than he is, I really dedicate to my barking.
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  • What Vivi Wants: 5 of 12
    What Vivi Wants:
    A super fancy internal frame backpack. So it's not like Vivi is going to go hiking up a mountain or anything, but did you this backpack? ALL THE BUCKLES? Vivi is currently obsessed with buckles and I'm bummed I'm not more of an outdoorsy person who owns a hiking backpack for no other reason than the buckles for my toddler's entertainment.
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  • What Vivi Gets: 6 of 12
    What Vivi Gets:
    This My Quiet Book. A soft book. A soft quiet book. A soft quiet book that lets Vivi work on things like buckling, snapping, tying and zipping. Even Addie would play with this book, heck, even *I* would play with this book.
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  • What Vivi Wants: 7 of 12
    What Vivi Wants:
    An iPod touch. (Or let's be honest, an iPad.) I don't think this one requires much explanation, these darn kids these days, they like technology way too much.
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  • What Vivi Gets: 8 of 12
    What Vivi Gets:
    Her sister's old LeapPad. Look, I understand that toddlers can learn a lot from iPads, iPods and all the apps meant for their little developing brains. But iPads and iPods are REALLY EXPENSIVE, not to mention fragile. While it may not be as responsive as an iPad, she'll be just as enchanted by it, Addie will be happy to help her with it and if it gets dropped? Well, let's just say it's been dropped in the past and it is still very much intact. Besides, I'm not such a huge fan of toddlers relying on technology to keep them entertained, but that's another topic for another day.
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  • What Vivi Wants: 9 of 12
    What Vivi Wants:
    A laptop. Buttons! A screen! BUTTONS! Plus, mom and dad have them and they are on them a lot, they look like fun right? WRONG. Vivi likes to stand on laptops as much as she likes to bang on the keyboards. Tough babycakes, no computer for you.
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  • What Vivi Gets: 10 of 12
    What Vivi Gets:
    A Bilibo. Toddlers don't need to be on laptops! They need to be goofing off with silly things and a Bilibo is exactly the thing to goof off with. Knowing Vivi a Bilibo will go over fantastically well, she can push it around, sit in it, let bunny ride in it and best of all? Put it on her head.
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  • What Vivi (and Cody and Addie) Want: 11 of 12
    What Vivi (and Cody and Addie) Want:
    A dog.
  • What Vivi (and Cody and Addie) Get: 12 of 12
    What Vivi (and Cody and Addie) Get:
    The two cats we already have. They are awesome, the end.

What does your toddler want vs. what they’re actually going to get?


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