What We’ve Been Up To

And then I wrote an entire post and it disappeared.


Here’s what we’ve been up to in a nutshell.

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    Click through for a week in the Instagram life of a momma and her toddler boy!
  • Shorts weather! 2 of 16
    Shorts weather!
    I had to document the first day of shorts for us. Winter has seemed SO LONG this year!
  • Dealing with night terrors 3 of 16
    Dealing with night terrors
    Our faithful dog, Tuck, laid by his floor all night. You can learn about night terrors and what to do for them here.
  • A scary introduction to antibiotic allergies 4 of 16
    A scary introduction to antibiotic allergies
    Over Easter weekend we discovered the hard way that Harry is allergic to amoxicillin. You can read about that here.
  • He may look like his daddy 5 of 16
    He may look like his daddy
    ...but the insides are all me 90% of the time. As he gets older, I see more of my own behaviors coming out in him. Like when he's tired & overwhelmed & just needs a break, he lays down & quietly plays. He's a little intorvert at heart, so those 5-10 minutes recharge him to socialized again.
  • Take me away, North Carolina mountains! 6 of 16
    Take me away, North Carolina mountains!
    Sure, it was too cold for dresses on Easter. But still, the NC mountains are my happy place.
  • Rainy days won’t get me down 7 of 16
    Rainy days won't get me down
    Rainy & cold in the spring? Sounds like it's time for pajamas, popcorn, and ponies.
  • It IS Rainbow Dash! 8 of 16
    It IS Rainbow Dash!
    My beloved Babble editors sent Harry his very own Build A Bear Rainbow Dash since they know of his love for My Little Ponies. (bonus points: my toddler gets to work on his very first thank you card!)
  • When things look down 9 of 16
    When things look down
    I'm pretty discouraged by the idea of losing an ovary, but I'm trying to focus on the good. Like getting that pesky cyst out of me & feeling better again.
  • Make it work 10 of 16
    Make it work
    We put in a lot of sweat equity for our front yard, so keeping Harrison safe and entertained while we work is a priority. I snagged these cheap plastic construction toys from Target and he plays in the mulch/dirt. He gets filthy, but it's worht it for him to be happy while we get stuff done.
  • It starts young 11 of 16
    It starts young
    Every morning, Harry wakes up and asks if "school is closed." Then he tries to convince me that it's closed and he needs to stay home with me. Oh, boy.
  • Walk off those frustrations, girl! 12 of 16
    Walk off those frustrations, girl!
    On one day when I was feeling particularly MEH about life, a good friend/coworker & I were like LET US WALK. I hit the sunshine for a bit and got some endorphins to help me to get through the rest of the day in top form. HIGHLY recommend a mid-day walk for all mommas.
  • Spending time together as a family 13 of 16
    Spending time together as a family
    While it's always been a priority, my husband & I had a ton of talks over Easter on really making space for family time & the sacrifices we're willing to make so it can happen. I'm most looking forward to some family weekend getaways with my boys.
  • Celebrating the first 80 degree day 14 of 16
    Celebrating the first 80 degree day
    Okay, not really CELEBRATING because I really wanted spring. Not a full-on launch into summer. But 80 degrees and Daddy being gone four days meant ice cream one night. Harry loves to make his own creations from froyo!
  • Being with friends 15 of 16
    Being with friends
    Since we moved into Raleigh versus the small town where we were before, seeing our friends on a more regular basis is such a joy. Our boys played in the backyard while we adults had Cokes & beer on the back porch. Such a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!
  • Just because 16 of 16
    Just because
    I like to make people spontaneously die from cute and/or ovulate. The end.


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