What You Need When The Entire Family Is Sick

Oh, friends. We have been under the weather in our house. First it was me and some pesky migraines, then we all caught a nasty cold that is full of aches and running noses and coughing up something that should only be in a Stephen King book.

The hard part is that the toddler doesn’t feel well but neither do Momma and Daddy.  Which means that I’m tired and aching and snotty while caring for Harry and in his three-year-old non-understanding way, he’s tantruming that it’s taking me longer. And because I’m sick, I have even less patience for his screams. It’s a vicious cycle.

At night, the boys make a pallet of sick on the floor in front of the television and I lay on the couch and we just sort of groan at each other until we eat soup for dinner and take long baths to steam out the snot.

I think we’re finally on the upswing of it after a week – so here are the products that have saved my skin as a sick mom to a sick toddler:

  • Vapor body wash 1 of 8
    Vapor body wash
    You'll find this in almost every baby aisle and it is the best - gentle enough to wash with but really works with the steam to get the juices flowing. We put Harry in a big bath and let him play, asking him to blow his nose occasionally to get all that goop out before he lays down. I've been known to grab it and use it in my shower, too.
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  • Adult vapor rub 2 of 8
    Adult vapor rub
    It helps you breathe and sleep. But it's a little sticky.
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  • Baby Vicks 3 of 8
    Baby Vicks
    Glory, glory! It's much more gentle on little bodies and noses than the real stuff but works the same.
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  • A good family movie 4 of 8
    A good family movie
    You're not going to feel like doing much. So just figure it's movie time for the family. It's okay, I promise. Grab something the entire family will enjoy, like The Lorax.
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  • Good tissues 5 of 8
    Good tissues
    I am in LOVE with these new Puffs with Vicks in them. I also like to stuff them into my nostrils and just sit. I look like a walrus, but it works.
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  • Boogie Wipes 6 of 8
    Boogie Wipes
    The Vicks Puffs are a little much for my toddler, but we like the Boogie Wipes for him - they have saline in them so he won't get a rough, red nose.
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  • A thermometer 7 of 8
    A thermometer
    I swear, this post isn't sponsored by Vicks, but this is the thermometer we have and I really like it. You'll need this to keep an eye on temps in case this turns out to be the flu. If you start crawling over 100 degrees, it's probably a good idea to see the doctor.
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  • Comfort food that’s easy to make 8 of 8
    Comfort food that's easy to make
    With the entire family down, it's not likely you'll want to cook. Stock up on soup and materials for grilled cheese, or just put Dominos on speed dial. It's okay, I won't tell anyone.
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PS. I’m not a doctor.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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