What Your Preschool Director Wants You to Know

The day you enrolled your toddler in preschool, you received a stack of paperwork regarding your school’s policies and procedures. As important as all those policies are, your relationship with your preschool director and staff matters just as much (if not more).

I reached out to several preschool directors for information on what we can do as parents to enrich our child’s preschool experience.

This is what our early childhood education professionals had to say:

  • Preschool Teachers Are Professionals 1 of 4
    Preschool Teachers Are Professionals
    Preschool teachers are not glorified babysitters. Your preschool staff is educated in early childhood education and child safety. They also know how to handle pretty much every toddler issue you find yourself grappling with (just imagine what they've seen)! Ask your preschool professionals for their expertise if you are having difficulty at home dealing with particular toddler issues. Also, if your family is facing unique challenges or stress (divorce, death, illness, etc.), be sure to notify your preschool staff. They can help offer a measure of stability and positivity for your child during tough times.
  • Your Preschool Needs Your Help 2 of 4
    Your Preschool Needs Your Help
    If your child is having behavioral problems at school, discuss the school's discipline policy with your preschool director or teacher. Several directors mentioned the benefit of parents implementing similar discipline policies at home to those that are used at school whenever possible. Your childcare professionals realize you know your child best. If you have ideas to help your child reach their educational and behavioral goals, please offer them! Meet and compare notes daily on your child's progress. Working as a team works!
  • Home Matters 3 of 4
    Home Matters
    Your preschool works tirelessly to educate a classroom of toddlers in preparation for Kindergarten and there is so much to learn! Moms and Dads, this is where you can make a huge difference. Partner up with your child's teacher to reinforce classroom concepts in a practical setting at home. If you're unsure how to get started, ask! Your preschool staff is ready and willing to help.
  • Slow Down Mom and Dad! 4 of 4
    Slow Down Mom and Dad!
    Your preschool knows you're busy - in the morning you're rushing at drop-off and in the evening you're rushing to get home. Your preschool would love for the opportunity to talk with you in a consistent manner. Allow either a few minutes in the morning or afternoon to discuss your child's progress. Even just a few minutes of open communication can make a world of difference for your child. Slow down, speak up and listen.

Have any other tips or suggestions for a positive preschool experience?

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