What’s Beth Anne Been Up To?

Oh, friends.

I have been absent over the past month and you have been so sweet to check in on me. Truthfully, I just needed a wee break to rest and get into the groove with summer. Any season is a transition period, but adding on surgery recovery and job responsibilities meant that I was in over my head. I’m pretty good at treading water but May saw a few dips under, if you know what I mean.

If you don’t, it means I was 2.5 seconds away from a panic attack at any given moment.

I decided to lock down my Twitter and Instagram accounts to private, but please don’t hesitate in asking to follow me – they’re only private because I’m posting less, logging in less, and just wanting a little more control over the content I produce. I don’t know. Maybe it’s maturity coming with the grand 3-0 as a birthday? Or maybe a little graceful wisdom after taking a step (or five) back from the constant social media life?

Here’s a brief run-down of what we’ve been up to, just so you can see

a) that I’m still here! sane! happy!
b) the reasons I’ve been MIA
c) how freakin’ cool my kid is.

  • Work 1 of 15

    Mostly work is keeping me busy and I love it. I feel very fulfilled in what I do for the 9-5 job and the responsibilities I've taken on, but it leaves little time for my brain to rest and by the time I get home, the last thing I want to do is look a computer. Hence the outside activities and lack of blogging.

  • The pool 2 of 15

    Aside from the office, this is where I spend most of my time - the neighborhood pool! We joined this year and have been every single day so far that it hasn't rained. I've met some great new girlfriends in our neighborhood and am getting in time to read poolside while keeping a close eye on Harry.

    Oh, and how does Harry like the pool? Well...

  • He’s obsessed 3 of 15

    He's obsessed in kind of a bad way. I mean, it's AWESOME seeing him branch out and be brave in the water. As a certified aquatics instructor, I am a fan of kids learning to swim rather than keeping them afloat with swimmies or puddle jumpers, but that's a personal choice. (And one that I won't judge you on! I promise!) But now that he realizes the pool exists, the last thing he wants to do is go to daycare. Oh, my momma heart.

  • Summer is here 4 of 15

    With summer FINALLY showing up, along with warmer temperatures, gone are the evenings indoors. You'll find us walking or swimming or working in the front yard. WELL away from the television and internet.

  • Snacklaces 5 of 15

    A friend of mine asked me to attend Wine Fest for her 30th birthday, so I obliged. We had "snacklaces," which means we strung pretzels & cookies on yarn. Thinking I'll whip these up for the toddler for zoo trips & road trips. It was fun, even for the 30 year old crowd!

  • The Shearing 6 of 15

    We took Harry in for his yearly "shearing of the lamb." I miss those curls something fierce but it's much cooler for the summer.

  • Naps 7 of 15

    There's something delicious about a summer nap, right? The weather is warm and our pup lies on the cooler floor and we all fall into our respective napping places with post-chlorine hair and bellies full of lunch.

  • Birthday girl 8 of 15

    Oh, yeah. I turned 30.


    .....MOVING ON....

  • Driving range 9 of 15

    We took Harry to the driving range for the first time. You can read more about it here but I am in awe of his talent. Not saying we have another Tiger Woods on our hands, but it is so cool to see my kid excel in something he loves.

  • Big boy bed 10 of 15

    We officially said goodbye to the crib. My husband dismantled it so that I wouldn't emotionally dismantle, but when I put the construction sheets on the bed that my son picked out, I knew it was time. He was SO EXCITED for this milestone and has done brilliantly staying in bed. It was a good ego-booster for him as far as growing up.

  • Money Pit 11 of 15

    Of course, there's always our beloved Money Pit to keep us busy. Our bookcase was two seconds from collapsing, so that had to be replaced and Tropical Storm Andrea hitting our state today means our backyard is probably a swamp. Between an epic battle over ants in the kitchen (but not in the pantry, so weird!) and finally finding art for the living room, I've been busy scrubbing baseboards and planning some smaller projects for rainy weekends.

  • Back in action 12 of 15

    Another thing keeping me busy? The gym.

    Which sounds a little funny coming from me, a notorious couch potato. I had to miss the sprint triathlon due to surgery, but I was cleared for exercise last week and am amazed at how much easier it is to run without everything hurting. I didn't realize how much pressure the tumor was putting on me, but it's just so much more comfortable and because of that, I'm enjoying my runs and staying at them longer. I won't be in a bikini any time soon, but it's always good to take care of myself.

  • This age 13 of 15

    A big explanation for my lack of online social life? This guy. As it should be! Half-birthdays are traditionally a great stage for him and right now I'm soaking up every moment. It seems that he's learning new things every day - how to draw, how to express himself, how to jump off sides of pools. Being with him is magic and it beats the internet every day.

  • My summer love affair 14 of 15

    Oh! Plus, I'm a huge fan of summer veggies and fruits. Asparagus, strawberries, blueberries, sweet potatoes, corn...while I tend to just throw chili in a crockpot in the winter, the summer is when the cook in me comes out.

  • But now I’m back 15 of 15

    I'll be blogging pretty regularly in June, so hold onto your rears! Anything you'd like to see or read this month?


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