What’s In My Toddler’s Carry-On Bag

Fern and I will be traveling to Los Angeles this afternoon and in addition to all of our basic necessities, clothing and toiletries, I’ve put together a meticulously thought out carry-on bag to take on the flight with us.

As I prepared this carry-on bag, I asked around, read forums and perused stores in order to choose just the right items to keep my little one entertained and happy (and hopefully everyone else on the plane as well!) along with some basic travel essentials.

Hopefully I packed well, but just in case feel free to add any last minute suggestions in the comments and then check out what’s in my toddler’s carry-on bag below!

  • What’s In My Toddler’s Carry-On Bag 1 of 20
    Check out all the essentials that I'm packing in my toddler's carry-on bag!
  • The Bag 2 of 20
    First I started out with a bag that I didn't mind cramming full of junk and crumbs. This one is from H&M and it's massive. It also can be worn across the body which is a must when navigating an airport with a little one in tow.
  • Mom Essentials 3 of 20
    The reason I said that this bag was my toddler's carry-on? Well, because even though it's actually my own carry-on that's merely a technicality. I've been relegated to one clutch to carry all my essentials...wallet, sunglasses, lip gloss, etc. #momproblems
  • Sippy Cup 4 of 20
    Last time we were on a flight I forgot a sippy cup and made the mistake of letting Fern drink out of the cups they give you water in on the plane. No bueno. I learned a lesson from that wet lap experience.
  • iPad + Headphones 5 of 20
    We have the iPad loaded up with read-to-me stories and I got these kid's headphones off I'm hoping this will keep her good an entertained for awhile.
  • Coloring Supplies + Stickers 6 of 20
    A coloring book is good entertainment, if only for ripping out the pages. I also found these chubby Crayola crayons that I'm hoping will work better than our usual crayons that she tries to eat. I also bought these dot stickers for her to peel and stick in her book (or more likely on the seats and tray table). I've heard stickers are a favorite travel distraction for many parents so I figured I should give it a go.
  • Shiny Things 7 of 20
    Because what kid doesn't like shiny things?
  • Magnifying Glass 8 of 20
    Thank you Target $.99 bin!
  • Small Stuffed Animal 9 of 20
    Sometimes a soft toy is just the thing when you've got a grumpy kiddo, so I'm bringing along this pint-sized snuggler.
  • Slinky 10 of 20
    She's never seen a slinky so I thought it would be novel for her and keep her entertained for at least 6.2 seconds.
  • Change of Clothes 11 of 20
    I'm packing light (read: minimal space required) pieces of clothing in case we need to change clothes on the plane.
  • Sorting Bag 12 of 20
    Fern likes to sort random things from one container to the next, so I thought this would be perfect for doing so and I can use it again later.
  • Diapering Supplies + Hand Sanitizer 13 of 20
    This is self-explanatory, no?
  • Flash Cards 14 of 20
    Fun. Educational. Can't get lost everywhere thanks to the handy dandy ring holding them together. Perfect.
  • Toy Cars 15 of 20
    We like toy cars around here, so we got some new ones for the plane.
  • Random Water Game 16 of 20
    This might be a flop, but the fact that there's water inside will likely appeal to her. My kid is like a fish.
  • Spinning Tops 17 of 20
    She won't be able to spin these, but she'll probably bang them together, which is just as good, right?
  • Snacks 18 of 20
    I love this Boon lunch/snack carrier and will be packing Fern snacks (and plenty of them!) inside it's cuteness.
  • Books 19 of 20
    A few of our favorite reads will come along for the ride.
  • The Whole She-bang 20 of 20


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