What’s Your Kid’s Toddler Type? 10 Little People He’ll Meet in Preschool


Preschool is an exciting place: Fun toys and cool books are just the beginning of what’s in store. The friends your child makes and the personalities he or she will encounter are what make preschool such an enriching experience.

So who can your toddler expect to meet in preschool? (And whom can you expect to meet on playdates?)

Here are 10 different toddler types — which one fits your kid? Tell me in the comments.

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  • The Wild One 1 of 10
    The wild one is the kid who's filled with more spunk and reckless energy than his little body can handle. Yep, the wild one is the same kid who can't stand still or refrain from poking his neighbor. As the mom of a wild child, I can tell you it's not that he's bad; he just acts that way.
  • The Boss 2 of 10
    There's no doubt about it, natural leaders are born. The boss is the kid who comes up with the rules of every game, who leads the pack during play time and maybe, just maybe is a little bit of a bully.
  • The Crybaby 3 of 10
    The crybaby is the kid who cries all. the. time. Not her turn? Cry. Asked to share? Cry. Nap time? Cry. This tearful child has yet to develop alternative methods of self-expression. With a little extra support and TLC, the crybaby will soon learn big boys and girls don't cry (or at least not so often anyway, you hope).
  • The Chatterbox 4 of 10
    The chatterbox makes fast friends. Within seconds, this kid is an open book: "Hi, I have a dog named 'Dude' and a red bike. I love Transformers. Wanna come to my house and see my room? Let's be friends!" This kid is full of information and juicy family secrets he just loves to share. He's also the perfect match for our next preschool personality...
  • The Shy One 5 of 10
    The shy one is the timid child most often found standing alone in the corner. While all the other kids are busy getting their preschool on, the shy one prefers to step away from the action and quietly observe. He may take a little longer to warm up, but have no fear — he's simply assessing the situation with thoughtful consideration.
  • The Love Bug 6 of 10
    The love bug is the kid who loves up on everything from stuffed animals, to live animals, to yes — even your child. This loving little one wants to hug and squeeze and smooch friends and teachers because they have a heart of pure affectionate gold.
  • The Teacher’s Pet 7 of 10
    The teacher's pet is the golden child of the preschool classroom. This seemingly perfect child takes great pride in following rules and serving as a shining example for proper classroom conduct. (Fill my tot's sippy with whatever she's having!)
  • The Entertainer 8 of 10
    The entertainer is the kid who loves to be the center of attention and is seeking your applause. He or she sings and dances his or her way into your heart, and a star is born. Is there anything cuter than a child with rhythm in his soul? I'm going to go with no.
  • The Little Princess 9 of 10
    Perfect and prissy, the little princess comes to school dressed to the nines right down to the perfectly matching ruffled socks. The little princess is a dramatic young thing who loves to role play as the fairest of them all. She may be 3 but she's already planning her happily ever after. (Nap time may require a tutu.)
  • The Tough Guy 10 of 10
    Go ahead, make his day. While the tough guy may play rough and act tough, this real-life superhero offers protection to those who need it most. With an eye out for the underdog and a strong sense of right from wrong, the tough guy has earned the title of classroom hero!

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