When A Working Mom Becomes A Stay At Home Mom

Last week, I unexpectedly became a stay-at-home mother.

Since I do need to work for income and benefits, we know it is a temporary moment in life, but it is a definite change in our schedule.  As hard as it is right now on our little family with the worry over finances and health insurance, I am really trying to soak in the time with Harrison and take joy in the slower pace.

Instead of the alarm waking us up every morning, now a small boy with bedhead is my alarm clock.  My to-do list includes picking up toys and getting dinner in the oven at 5pm instead of two-hour long conference calls and mile-long spreadsheets.  I get more fresh air since Harrison is a big fan of the outdoors, but if I trip over my dog one more time, I might scream.

This past week has been a transition period – I still had a bit of my old schedule leftover, so Harrison has gone to his nanny for a few hours twice this week for me to go to those appointments.  So I have yet to spend a full week alone with him with zero help and looking into those weeks ahead, I worry that I will not measure up.  I know how to be a working momma.  I know how to wear tights and high heels and pick up my boy at 5pm.  I am not sure I will be so great at pushing him on the swing or telling him not to eat playdoh twenty times in a row for five days straight.

In short?  I need your help.

I need ideas of how to fill our days, how to make the most of this short time together.

I’m thrilled to have the chance to take Harrison to the library for the first time and to meet my friends for lunch playdates at Chick Fil A.  But what do we do the rest of the time?

Any tips for a stay-at-home newbie?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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