When Dad Is Away, the Mom and Toddler Play

My husband spent a 3-day weekend in Atlanta visiting our new niece, so Cullen and I were on our own back here in Seattle. Casey travels quite a bit for business, so we’re used to getting by just the two of us, but it always feels different on a weekend. That’s usually family time! Also, I’m realizing quickly that a 20-month old toddler plus a 24-week pregnant belly equals major couch crashing at the end of the day. I need a weekend to recover from our weekend!

But seriously, we had a great time despite missing dad. From farmer’s markets, to breakfast dates, to the zoo, Cullen and I had a fun weekend running around together. And now that it’s Monday morning, we’re pretty happy to have dad back in our crew!

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    While dad was away, Cullen and mom had fun enjoying a warm, sunny weekend. Click through to see what we were up to!

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    My husband went to Atlanta this weekend to meet our precious new niece who is just six weeks old. Of course I wish we all could have gone, but it didn't make sense for our whole family to do a 5+ hour flight just for the weekend. And this gave Casey a chance to spend some quality time with his brother and his new family. He texted me at the the end of the visit and said, "I'm really excited to have a newborn again." Heart, melted.

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    Meanwhile, Cullen and I were staying busy back in Seattle. We spent Friday doing our usual weekday stuff, and I tried to make the weekend feel special and different despite dad's absence. My husband travels quite a bit for business, but usually only during the week. I realized quickly that solo parenting a 20-month-old along with a 24-week pregnant belly was extremely exhausting over the course of a whole weekend. Luckily the dogs stepped in to provide some needed relief.

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    Saturday morning we headed to our favorite neighborhood farmer's market. I stocked up on veggies for the week, and Cullen got over an hour running around the playground and digging in the sandbox. We battled pretty much constantly over his floppy hat.

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    After a fun morning at the market, we headed home for nap time. While Cullen snoozed, I took advantage of gorgeous sunny weather and planted our summer herb garden! Now if only I can keep it alive...

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    My munchkin alerted me that he was up a few hours later, and I went in to find him smiling up at me with a big mop of sweaty curls. It is heating up here in Seattle, and because we get so little hot weather, houses here don't have air conditioning. Time to install the new ceiling fan that we got for his bedroom!

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    Sunday morning we were back out on the town and up early to meet friends for breakfast. We went to a great little spot with a huge train table that the boys loved. The moms loved it too because it provided us the opportunity to actual sip our coffee and talk until the food came, rather than wrestle two squirmy toddlers in high chairs the whole time.

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    After breakfast, we walked over to the zoo in the drizzly rain. The moms were damp and frizzy, but the boys didn't care, and at least the zoo was pretty much empty for us to explore. Cullen enjoyed the monkeys, elephants, and lions, but his favorite part was running as fast and far away from mom's stroller as possible.

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    After chasing Cullen around the zoo for two hours, I was completely wiped when we got home for nap time. Despite my long to-do list, I parked my butt on the couch with an alarming amount of banana bread and took a much needed nap of my own.

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    Once I got in a bit of rest, I was back up to work on a big Babble feature I am writing on cloth diapers. It's a really fun project, but SO much laundry!

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