When Did Your Tot Become A Big Kid?

Movin' on up!

Kids: one day they’re tiny little babies who depend on you for everything, and a moment later they’re getting married and winning the Nobel Peace Prize and signing the down payment on a house. Okay, okay, maybe we got a little ahead of ourselves, but there are big changes when a kid grows up that parents might not be ready for. We asked our Facebook readers and our bloggers for the exact moment they realized their eensy, little tot was becoming … wait for it … a big kid. Find out what they said after the jump! — Jillian Capewell

  • Whoa, Mommy 1 of 21
    Whoa, Mommy
    This weekend, when my two-year-old daughter caught me taking a bigger bite of lunch than I should have. She looked at me and said, "Too big, mommy. That's too big." So I suppose as soon as they start correcting your actions ...
    - Nicole Thorpe Lyons
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  • Takin’ Out the Trash 2 of 21
    Takin' Out the Trash
    The other day I took the trash out. My four-year-old son wasn't even in the room. When I came back in, he had gotten a plastic bag out of the cupboard and was putting it in the (four-gallon) trash can! The next day he changed a toilet paper roll on his own. Sniff — my little man is growing up!
    - Karen French
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  • Yeah, I Did It 3 of 21
    Yeah, I Did It
    When he came bursting through the front door from a fishing trip with daddy, telling me, "Mommy! Mommy! I peed standing up!"
    - Tamara S. Arndt
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  • Check It on the Growth Chart 4 of 21
    Check It on the Growth Chart
    When they tell you they are a "big" kid now!
    - Jackie Breen
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  • Bigger, But Less Squooshable 5 of 21
    Bigger, But Less Squooshable
    With both my boys, it was the loss of their chubby cheeks.
    - Tara Stephens
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  • Hello, Toddler Calling 6 of 21
    Hello, Toddler Calling
    When they started having conversations with me.
    - Jasmine Gonzalez
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  • Well, If It Fits … 7 of 21
    Well, If It Fits ...
    Putting on shoes was a big one. My three-and-a-half-year-old just did that the other day, and I was like, WHAAAAT?!
    - Beth Wankel
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  • Coming Attractions 8 of 21
    Coming Attractions
    When I brought my then three-year-old son to the movies, and he sat through it without any major problems.
    - Amy Gentner
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  • Hey, Knock That Off! 9 of 21
    Hey, Knock That Off!
    The first time they said, "No kisses, mommy, my friends will see!"
    - Danielle Rivera
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  • Just a Boo-Boo 10 of 21
    Just a Boo-Boo
    "When he asked if he could get me a Band-Aid to make me feel better when I was home sick."
    - Amber DoAll LaChores Sawyer
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  • Well, Thanks! 11 of 21
    Well, Thanks!
    I was holding the door for my 19-month-old the other day, and he waved at me and said, "Thank you!" That was surprising yet super adorable.
    - Casi Williams Ortiz
    Photo Source: She Knows
  • This Is Just to Say 12 of 21
    This Is Just to Say
    When she came up to me and said, "Mama, I love you!" ... and she isn't even two yet!
    - Adrienne Hollifield
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  • Time For School 13 of 21
    Time For School
    When I dropped my three-year-old off at his first day of school.
    - Elizabeth Rose Upchurch
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  • I Got This 14 of 21
    I Got This
    When I reached out to help, and they looked at me and said, "I'm ok!" and did it themselves.
    - Norine A. Moss
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  • See Ya, Mom 15 of 21
    See Ya, Mom
    The morning she walked right into her library storytime and didn't look back ...
    - Stephanie Precourt
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  • Self-Serve Snacktime! 16 of 21
    Self-Serve Snacktime!
    When she opened up the refrigerator, surveyed the contents and said, "Hmm, what am I in the mood for?"
    - Meredith C. Carroll
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  • Ready to Go … Kinda 17 of 21
    Ready to Go ... Kinda
    My three-and-a-half-year-old woke me up one morning fully dressed and told me he was ready for school. Granted, his pants were on backwards, but he managed to get everything on ... even socks and shoes. It was the initiative that blew me away more than anything.
    - April Dawn Kester
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  • Finally! 18 of 21
    I realized my son was becoming a big kid when he started wiping his own butt. I think I even heard angels sing. Actually, I know I did.
    -Lori Garcia
    Photo Source: What to Expect
  • Goodnight … 19 of 21
    Goodnight ...
    I knew my toddler was becoming a big kid when he told me he didn't want to be rocked to sleep "like a baby" anymore. He hugged me, turned out the light, and crawled into bed on his own. I guess I was the one holding onto that.
    - Amber Doty
    Photo Source: How to Sleep
  • Hey, I’m Not Waiting For You 20 of 21
    Hey, I'm Not Waiting For You
    When he started to climb out of his crib, so we had to switch him to a toddler bed. He gets up out of his bed and comes downstairs totally on his own. One morning, I slept in a little and I walked out of my room to find him playing by himself in the living room. He just looked up and me, smiled and said, "Hi, mom!"
    - Emily McClements
    Photo Source: KidzComfort
  • iKid 21 of 21
    Me: "Gibbs, you want to play a game on my phone while we wait for the doctor?"
    Gibbs: "You mean an app?"
    And so it began...
    - Pilar Clark
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When did you first realize your tots were becoming big kids? Tell us in the comments!

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