After Daddy’s Away, Mommy Gets To Play

Monsters. Send Help.I thought we were done with this. This solo parenting thing while the daddy person travelled about for work. For those of you who know us, or know a bit about or story thus far, you’d know that Trev was the bass player in a band for a long time.

A band that toured quite extensively, which meant lots of solo parenting action for me.

Yet, only just yesterday, he returned home from a 12-day business trip and, wonder of wonders, I had a great time with the kids. I mean, I usually do, but it’s usually super challenging.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve discovered a delicious new state of zen in my mothering, or if my kids are older, or if I’m more organized or what. But things went fairly smooth while he was gone. This morning there was a bigger ruckus, with a side state of rushed hysteria, with both of us home than there has been with just me.

I expect it’ll take a few days for both of our darling offspring to get back into the mommy and daddy flow — serenity now. (Because, in all truth, it’s Trev who needs some time to get back into the daddy flow, too.) I found it rather amusing when he looked at me incredulously over the mound of a fluffy down-filled pillow as we whispered sweet nothings to each other late last night. Incredulously — because I was describing to him exactly what was going to go down come morning.

The usual.

Abby awake at 5 AM now that she’s trying to get in on my work-out/zen time — which he knew, because this was happening before he left. It is rather amazing how quickly we can forget about such indecencies when we’re away from our children for a spell.

So, I continued to describe to him how I was going to wake up come morning and be on my merry way with all of the selfish things I wanted to do at 5 AM. Which included me leaving the scene at 6:15 AM for a sunrise yoga class. I described to him how this would most likely result in Abby not wanting to go back to bed and that I had been working really hard with her to continue sleeping until at least 6 AM (in his absence) and that it had been going fairly well. She had been even starting to sleep in to her previous usual of 7 AM. It means for unbroken sleep and not a chance in hell of me getting out of bed to do anything on my own, but it’s a work in progress.

Our little diva angel needs some boundaries, yo! It’s not like she’s a ray of fresh sunshine when she gets up that early. She’s in a state of evil euphoria — in which she thinks she’s won at something but her body is none-too-pleased with being out of bed. Parents, we know what that’s like, right?Zombie/vampire toddler — take your pick.

Nobody wants in on that at 5AM. That is SO not what I signed up for when I joined the 5AM Club.

I then reminded him that I would be entering into day three of a fast (nothing but smoothies, tea, water, detox water and bone broth for 10 days) and that he needed to be extra nice to me. Other things happened too — I wasn’t just all demanding. But you don’t need to hear about all of that stuff. Let’s just say that Trevor was welcomed home with a hard bite of reality AND love.

Welcome home baby. Your turn.


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