When Toddler Art Scribbles Become Actual Art

c9815548cf7211e2afd022000aaa0950_7This morning I dropped Harrison off at daycare per usual. We hung up his dump truck lunch box and we gave one last hug to his lovey. As I asked if he wanted snack, I grabbed a stack of toddler art papers from his cubby. I’m used to tons of art. My boy loves some paints and crayons. But I didn’t really get a good look until the goodbye kisses were exchanged and I stepped outside the classroom.

It took my breath away because on a pink piece of construction paper, Harry had drawn a green….

panda? walrus? momma? bear?

….I’m still not sure, BUT IT WAS AWESOME.

For the very first time, I held a drawing that was more than scribbles or blotches of paint. It was actual art, drawn with purpose. He had a picture in his mind and his little hands and fingers made it a reality that the rest of the world could notice and understand.

All day I’ve sat and stared at the piece of paper, dying to ask him tonight what the drawing is as a way to peek into his little mind. It feels like such a huge milestone in his preschool life and I remember the first time I presented a real drawing to my mother. I drew her with a purse and her legs were too long and her head had something like a banana on it, but today it rests in the pages of my baby book between my birth weight and the clippings of my first haircut.

This pink paper will sit on our fridge for awhile, just to prove how proud we are of our boy. But then I’ll tuck it into the pages of his baby book and in 20 years, he might still remember the first time he drew a….koala? dog? panda?

PS. When did your toddler/preschooler first draw something that you recognized?


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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