When We Were Young: Babble Staff as Adorable Tots

Here at Babble, we spend all day riding along with you on your journey through parenthood: laughing at the ridiculous, cringing at the disgusting, nodding at the profound, and enjoying every moment of it. All this baby talk can make a Babbler nostalgic! So we’ve put together a slideshow of our own baby pictures and crazy tales from our cuter days. From the food-stealers to the Broadway stars, we have all kinds of babies among us. Click through for 22 of the cutest moments from our childhoods! — Emma Hinchliffe



  • Yeehaw 1 of 22
    Cowboy hat = good mood. Still true today.
    Jack Murnighan, Director of Analytics and Content Strategy
  • King of the Slopes 2 of 22
    King of the Slopes
    This is me skiing when I was about 4. Look how stoked I am! My parents introduced me to skiing when I was 3 and I haven't stopped since. It's my favorite sport, and even though I live in NYC now, I still spend my weekends trekking up to my home mountain of Sugarbush, Vermont (where this picture was taken) to get as many turns in as possible. Now I just need to find that purple one-piece in an adult size.
    —Aaron Bernstein, Social Media Intern
  • A Whole Lotta Lovin’ 3 of 22
    A Whole Lotta Lovin'
    Here I am at three years old, a terrifying ghost scaring my brother, the pirate/ninja. According to my mom, apparently my feet were so fat that she had to remove the laces from my shoes just so those puppies could fit inside. The rest of me was just as round — and THAT'S why I'm wearing a poncho.
    Andrea Roxas, Associate Editor
  • Sisterly Bond 4 of 22
    Sisterly Bond
    The first and last time I ever looked at my baby sister with such adoration.
    Andrea Zimmerman, Manager of Blogs and Social Media
  • Hang Loose 5 of 22
    Hang Loose
    My dad has always had a way of keeping me grounded ...
    Brad Benson, Sales Development Manager
  • The Very Hungry Crawler 6 of 22
    The Very Hungry Crawler
    As a baby I was *very* interested in the food on other people's plates. I also happened to be a very fast crawler (the picture illustrates my impressive crawling skillz). Apparently, one of my favorite places to crawl was right into the middle of other people's picnic lunches at the park. Once I even managed to help myself to some food on a family's picnic blanket before my mom could whisk me away. Nom nom nom.
    Corinne Bagish, Blog Coordinator
  • There’s the Chub 7 of 22
    There's the Chub
    Yep, I was a fatty.
    Dara Petinelli, Managing Editor
  • How Rude! 8 of 22
    How Rude!
    My mom always tells me I was a rude baby, and I haven't changed. Also, I never liked combing my hair.
    Dexter Mills, Network Administrator
  • Troublemaker 9 of 22
    This is me being sassy and rambunctious as usual. I ruined one of my sister's piano recitals by running up to the piano and banging on all the keys. If there was a bowl of spaghetti, it would end up on my head. There was a lot of screaming and crocodile tears. It's safe to say I got in trouble all the time, but I like to think my parents secretly enjoyed my shenanigans. At least I wasn't a boring baby!
    Valerie Lai, Sales Development Analyst
  • Start off on the Right Foot 10 of 22
    Start off on the Right Foot
    According to my dad: "One morning Jenn wanted to dress herself. So Mom let her. After she finished, she didn't want anyone to change her style, but her shoes were on the wrong feet. When Jenn was told this, she simply moved her left foot over to her right and said, 'Now they are right!'"
    Jennifer Gimbel, Editorial Assistant
  • Summer Lovin’ 11 of 22
    Summer Lovin'
    So this is me in my glory days. Youngest of 3, one whole year before I was dethroned by the birth of my younger sister, Juliet. The photo doesn't have much of a story. I'm just a 2-year-old eating a sandwich on a summer's day. What can get better than that?
    Ellie Kibbe, Photo Editor
  • The Artiste 12 of 22
    The Artiste
    My dream to be an "artist on TV" (one of those people who paints watercolors on PBS at 2 in the afternoon) started off strong but didn't last too long. I had the outfit down, though!
    —Emma Hinchliffe, Editorial Intern
  • A Lucky Find 13 of 22
    A Lucky Find
    This is me in India, where I was born. There are very few baby pictures of me in existence because, for some reason, my parents neglected to take photos of their second child. They claim there was "an entire roll" of pictures of me, but they forgot to develop it — and it was lost forever. If fame does find me, the few baby pictures I have will be worth that much more!
    —Foram Mehta, Editorial Intern
  • Baby Suits 14 of 22
    Baby Suits
    It appears my love of food started at the earliest possible age, as my mom says my first words were "baba" (bottle) and "forma" (formula). I also apparently thought bathing suits were called "baby suits" because I was the baby.
    Alie Martell, Blog Coordinator
  • It’s Hammer Time 15 of 22
    It's Hammer Time
    I think I must have used up all my blonde genes and athletic skills as a toddler, because I possess neither of those things today. Pantsuits reminiscent of MC Hammer, however, I can still rock.
    Jill Capewell, Editorial Assistant
  • Strike a Pose 16 of 22
    Strike a Pose
    Apple-picker-model fierce!
    —Karen Hor, Editorial Intern
  • Future Beach Babe 17 of 22
    Future Beach Babe
    Too bad I'm not on a white sandy beach tanning!
    Kristin Wong-Valle, Ad Sales Account Executive
  • Simply Stylish 18 of 22
    Simply Stylish
    According to Babble's sales development manager, Brad: "Lauren's fashion mantra is and always has been, keep it simple!"
    Lauren Griffin, Sales Coordinator
  • Spaghetti Monster 19 of 22
    Spaghetti Monster
    What's going on in this picture? I'm not quite sure. It appears as if my 2-year-old self decided this would be a really amazing way to eat pasta. I still love my mom's spaghetti sauce, and it's easy to go crazy for it. But I imagine it was difficult for my parents to take me out to restaurants.
    Lindsay Hood, Blog Coordinator
  • Rage Face 20 of 22
    Rage Face
    Sadly, I still frequently make this face ...
    —Rachel Coleman, Editorial Intern
  • A Star Is Born 21 of 22
    A Star Is Born
    Not from Halloween, but rather an off-off-off-Broadway production of Peter Pan my brothers and I put on in our basement. It got rave reviews from my mom, my dad and my grandma. (I'm on the left.)
    Reece Karbowski, Social Media Analyst
  • Sassy Sailor 22 of 22
    Sassy Sailor
    My mother made sure her kids always left the house color-coordinated! These red, white, and blue outfits were so appropriate for the 4th of July festivities, and the sailing motif was too adorable for words. We're like a retro '80s Von Trapp Family. (I'm the boy on the end doing the sassy stance.) You can't handle the cuteness.
    —Tim Brodwater, Social Media Intern


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