When Will My Toddler Stop Groping Me?

We haven’t nursed in over a month. Fuzz doesn’t ask for it anymore. However, he is still clearly obsessed with my anatomy.  We’re in a bit of a pattern now where since we’ve arrived in New York,  Fuzz can’t won’t fall asleep unless he is on top me, with one hand up my shirt and the other one down my shirt, each one grabbing a different part of boob. Yes, there is nipple involved.  While he will accept some adjustment in his hand position, he will not tolerate a full-on removal of his body from mine. Even if I successfully transfer him, he inevitably wakes up between 20 seconds and 20 minutes after I move him, and climbs back into his original position.

This is inconvenient.

Last night, I woke up because I honestly couldn’t breathe deeply enough with a 28lb person on top of me.  Occasionally, he adds a twist where he wedges his skull between my chin and my collarbone, making it extra fun for me.

But back to my boobs. It’s not just when he’s falling asleep that Fuzz feels the urge to dive down my blouse, but also when he needs that extra comfort, if I’m holding him on the subway, or in the grocery store, he might pop his hand in there. I’m not sure how to handle this when I’m at the checkout. Do I call attention to it by removing his hand? Do I ignore it? 

Interestingly, it’s not just my boobs that Fuzz likes to fondle. This morning I caught him with his hand down my husband’s shirt fondling his hairy chest. My husband, who finally arrived last night, does not have “man-boobs” per se, but he does have pectoral muscles, which I suppose can be plenty to grab onto for his little hands.

I wouldn’t say I mind this behavior, except when it gets painful. Of course in public it is a little strange, much more strange than nursing, for example.  I’ve definitely heard of this happening before, but I’m wondering…how long does it last?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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