Who Is The World's Best Father?

The one that set the whole thing off. This picture.

The natural desire that all of us parents have to document our child’s development is nothing new. So when Dave Engledow first began taking pictures of his seriously adorable little girl Alice Bee (that name!) he never imagined that the world would take notice and respond to his artistry the way it has. The dude has gone viral.

The self-depreciating, at times darkly humorous slant that Mr. Engledow’s work displays is pure genius. It’s no secret that for the most part, fathers – especially new ones – are often portrayed as bumbling fools in media and in society.

His amazing series, ‘World’s Best Father’ is a magnificent play on those conceptions, which in truth, capture some of the more neurotic characteristics and tendencies of many fathers. Even if it’s all in their mind. However exaggerated or outrageous. The preposterous situations Mr. Engledow presents us with are what make the series a brilliant parody.

To me, the ambiguous, yet constant placement of Mr. Engledow’s World’s Best Father coffee mug never misses a beat. Plus, that Alice Bee is dang cute! Check out some of the pictures in this hilarious series after the jump.

  • ‘Workout Partners’ 1 of 10
    'Workout Partners'
    What? This isn't how you work out? Oh, pshaw.
    Photo Credit: Dave Engledow Photography
  • ‘Fathers Day Breakfast’ 2 of 10
    'Fathers Day Breakfast'
    I think this is my favourite one, purely because of the expression on little Alice Bee's face. Also? I see nothing wrong with this. Nothing.
    Photo Credit: Dave Engledow Photography
  • ‘Ballet Master’ 3 of 10
    'Ballet Master'
    If only all Father's were so involved.
    Photo Credit: Dave Engledow Photography
  • ‘Olympic Fever’ 4 of 10
    'Olympic Fever'
    Perhaps a tad bit overbearing...there is a sad reality to this kind of cheer-squad style of parenting. It's a thing. There are parents who are really like this. Yes, I'm judging.
    Photo Credit: Dave Engledow Photography
  • ‘Bedtime Routine’ 5 of 10
    'Bedtime Routine'
    I guess she's not into Jacob, Jasper or even that Edward. Can't say I blame her. Already, at 2 (?) she's wondering (wailing) at where all of the real men are at.
    Photo Credit: Dave Engledow Photography
  • ‘Happy New Year’ 6 of 10
    'Happy New Year'
    Train them young I say. Train them young.
    Photo Credit: Dave Engledow Photography
  • ‘House Cleaning’ 7 of 10
    'House Cleaning'
    More necessary training. Excellent display of no-nonsense fathering here. Self-entitled Alice Bee will not.
    Photo Credit: Dave Engledow Photography
  • ‘Over The Top’ 8 of 10
    'Over The Top'
    Obviously she's going to win. Dude drinks way too much coffee and booze. We've all seen his idea or working out. Phhht.
    Photo Credit: Dave Engledow Photography
  • ‘Hanging Out Together’ 9 of 10
    'Hanging Out Together'
    Daddies get thirsty too.
    Photo Credit: Dave Engledow Photography
  • ‘So THAT’S Where My Cup Went!’ 10 of 10
    'So THAT'S Where My Cup Went!'
    It had to happen sooner or later. I mean, right?
    Photo Credit: Dave Engledow Photography

Dave is fundraising on Kickstarter to help raise the funds necessary to  turn the creation of his series into a calendar. (You’d SO buy that, right?!) I’ve already signed up to buy two for a couple of Dads whom I know would LOVE this action. The rewards that Dave is offering to his backers are pretty nifty, so be sure to check it out. For those of you who love behind the scenes footage and general geekery, you’ll certainly dig this video showing us how he works. 

You can view more great photos from the WBF series on Facebook or Fotoblur.

All photos have been displayed here with permission by Mr. Engledow himself. So make sure you visit his Kickstarter page today, there’s only 6 days left to make a pledge!


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