Why Don't They Make Toys Like They Used To?

We spent a long weekend at my parents house in Michigan to celebrate the Easter weekend, and my mom pulled out some of my sisters’ and my old toys that she had kept for her grand kids to play with. They were some of the Little People play sets from the 80’s, and right away, my kids loved them!

I don’t know if it was just the novelty of “new” toys to play with, or that they were playing outside on a warm day, but my kiddos played happily together with these toys for over an hour! Playing with one toy, or set of toys, for that long is definitely not a regular occurrence for them.

After a little while of watching them play from inside the house, I went outside to take some pictures. As I watched them play with these vintage toys, I realized that they definitely don’t make toys the way they used to. I think my kids enjoyed these toys so much because they gave them a base to play on, without doing the actual playing for them, and with some little fun elements for them to explore.

Check out how much fun my kids had playing with these vintage toys.

  • Going to Town 1 of 8
    Going to Town
    Two of the sets my mom has are The Main Street and The Western Town. My kids wasted no time checking out these new toys!
  • Western Town 2 of 8
    Western Town
    The Western Town was a favorite because it has this cool convayor belt on the top where you turn a handle and it moves a little people across the roof until it falls off. Bren thought it was so funny. And it also has a little trap door that you can drop the figures through.
  • Main Street 3 of 8
    Main Street
    The Main Street has shops, a garage and and upper street with a slide at the end. Although my mom's is missing most of the accessories, my kids still enjoyed playing with it.
  • Wooden Girl 4 of 8
    Wooden Girl
    A few of the little people figures that my mom still has are made out of wood with painted faces and plastic hair. I realize these are now considered a chocking hazard for kids, but I just think the older figurines are so much cuter than the modern chunky ones.
  • Parking Garage 5 of 8
    Parking Garage
    My kids also loved playing with the vintage parking garage. There's something that's just so simple and basic about it, and yet it's still lots of fun.
  • Elevator Up 6 of 8
    Elevator Up
    It has an elevator that goes up and down when you turn a crank. I really think my kids liked the motion of turning the handle and making something happen, I feel like with modern day toys there would be batteries inside and all they would have to do is push a button and the elevator would go up, which takes all the fun out of it!
  • Filling Up 7 of 8
    Filling Up
    They also got a kick out of filling up their cars with gas. And I was thankful there were no annoying sounds!
  • Woosh! 8 of 8
    My son has a car ramp that is much taller and has lots of twists and turns that he rarely plays with, but this simple ramp was more than enough to keep him happy and occupied.

Do you wish they made modern toys more like the vintage ones we played with as kids?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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