Why I Don't Let My Husband Grocery Shop

When I had my son, I was pretty strict about the types of food and drink that I would allow him to consume.

We did only whole wheat bread, chose nutritious meal options, and he was offered only milk and water to drink. I was even pretty much against juice for a long time, because he eats so much fresh fruit.

However, things change, and sometimes, when your husband offers to do the grocery shopping because you haven’t slept in two weeks and probably can no longer function out in the real world, you let him. You let him, knowing that he’s going to buy something completely unhealthy and crazy for your toddler to eat, because well, he can’t resist.

Apparently the nostalgia was too much for my husband to handle while shopping earlier this week, because he really went overboard this time. He bought our toddler an entire CASE of… juice barrels.

“Juice barrels, honey, really?” I asked, thoroughly annoyed.

“I used to drink them when I was a kid!” He replied.

Honestly, I don’t even really know if there is any actual fruit juice in one of these things. I am guessing that they are just colored sugar water, but because I had no desire to use any of my precious energy this week fighting over whether or not our toddler can have juice barrels (I have a newborn, my will to live is pretty much gone), my kid has been chugging one of these things with his lunch every day.

Of course, my husband is an absolute hero for bringing these juice barrels into our home. He is the BEST DADDY, according to our toddler, which I have to admit is adorable.

Our toddler doesn’t have a perfect diet at this point. Yes, he has a Happy Meal from time to time, and a piece of candy here and there, usually provided by his dealer — my husband.

Sometimes you just have to choose your battles, and I can live with my kid veering off the course of health on occasion for a treat.

Does your husband ever buy things that you wouldn’t choose for your kids at the grocery store?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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