Why I Will Never Shower With An Unpotty Trained 2-Year-Old Again!

Shower? Yes please!

This is Ben… We call him our messy kid.

No matter how much I wash him, wipe him down, or try to keep him clean, he gets damn close to looking like this basically every day.  I guess that is just part of him being a boy right?   Please agree with me for my sanity!

Well, yesterday afternoon we had our first birthday party at Chuck E Cheese with both of the boys since they have really been old enough to enjoy it.  So after a morning of yard work with Daddy, both boys needed to be bathed before we set off on our adventure.

Daddy picked Camden, our almost 4 year old, so by default Ben and I jumped into the shower first while the other two finished up some yard work.

After getting into the bathroom and stripping my small fry down into nothing but I diaper I asked him if he pooped.   He replied “No poop Mommy… Ok… no poop.

Then I asked him Do you have to poop Benjamin?No poop Mommy” Ok, so I thought we were good to go.  I mean you would too right?

I got into the shower to make sure the water was not too hot for him and then I picked him up to put him into the tub itself since he still needs a little bit of help getting in.  Plus, I totally don’t want to encourage climbing in the bath tub at all.

As I brought him into the tub, I looked down and it looked like he had stepped in poop.  I immediately looked on the bath mat where he been standing prior to being lifted into the tub… and there it was… POOP!    As soon as I got in to check the water apparently he DID have to poop.  I was lucky enough that he did his business on the bath mat and not in the tub right?

WRONG!   He continued to poop IN the shower.   Oh joy!

As I yelled, and laughed hysterically at the same time he was beyond confused as to what was going on while I was trying to clean it all up before it actually made it to my feet!

Oh the glamorous life of being a Mom right?

And you can bet your ass one day I will tell this tale to one of his high school girlfriends!

Have you ever had a toddler bathroom incident along these lines?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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