Why Im Excited My Kids Will be Far Apart in Age

My brothers and I are each three years and one month apart. My mom says she did it on purpose to give us each our own birth month, while being sure that the youngest at the time was out of diapers and speaking. Actually Mom…that gives me the creeps to think about.

When we first had Harrison, the “plan” was to have our children roughly three years apart. Even though most of my friends went the “two under two” route, I felt that I needed that extra year due to the postpartum depression and my career. But then his second birthday rolled around and I didn’t get pregnant. And then his third birthday happened. And now we’re rounding the plate for his fourth birthday and nope, I’m not pregnant. It’s looking like our kids will be five to six years apart, at best. At first, I HATED that idea. I wondered how they could possibly be friends or play together with such a huge difference in age.

But then I realized that there are a ton of perks!

  • I’m so glad I didn’t have two kids close in age. 1 of 9

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  • Only one in daycare. 2 of 9

    Daycare is expensive. Like…more than our mortgage. So it will be a huge financial help to not be paying two daycare tuitions at the same time. By the time our second arrives, Harrison will be in elementary school.

  • The older is pretty darn independent. 3 of 9

    He can talk. We're completely done with diapers. He can play independently and if he needs something, most of the time he can get it himself. Which will leave me hands and time to attend the baby.

  • I’m older and wiser. 4 of 9

    I'll be in my 30s for our next baby with several years of parenting under my belt. And while every child is different, I know more about my parenting style and what is needed for my family. I've grown more confident and know my parenting "triggers," so it will be easier to ask for help and recognize my weaknesses during the newborn stage.

  • Less big equipment at once. 5 of 9

    The biggest thing Harrison has is his train table but everything else fits conveniently in baskets. That means that we won't be tripping over newborn and toddler gear at the same time.

  • I’ve had so much fantastic time with just one kid. 6 of 9

    I've been able to pour every ounce of myself into Harrison for several years. I don't feel rushed with his childhood and when he starts branching out past me, I'll have a newborn at home to do it all over again.

  • But I’ll get to savor the next one. 7 of 9

    Remember how you were itching for your baby to get to the next level or milestone in life? Well, I'll have best of both worlds! Harrison will be doing the big-kid stuff, like sports teams and Cub Scouts and learning to read, so I won't have any urge for the baby to grow faster. I'll just savor those early days.

  • There’s nothing our oldest will have to give up. 8 of 9

    He's already out of the crib and not using pacifiers or baby toys, so there will be no bribing for him to reach new equipment milestones for the sake of the baby. By the time the crib goes up again, he will have been in his twin bed for several years.

  • Only one in college at a time. 9 of 9

    Pretty much the same idea as daycare. We'll be more likely to help out financially since we won't be helping two college educations at the same time!


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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