Why Is My Toddler Sick All The Time?

It never fails. Once a month, during what seems like every month, my toddler gets a cold. I can count on this happening like clockwork, no matter how much hand-washing and steering clear of sick people we do.

Not only does my toddler end up with a cold once a month, but my health fades shortly after. Evan and I become snot buddies, and the monthly head cold means no less than 7 days of misery for everyone in our house.

I would love to know, why is my toddler sick all the time?

If he was in school or daycare I guess I could understand it more. We really do a normal amount of going out, and I try to avoid friends and family when they are sick.

I know that before I had kids, I rarely got sick. I think I probably had one or two colds a year, if that. I am realizing now how much I miss those days of health, because being down with one illness or another so often during the year is really frustrating.

I’m not sure if the frequent colds are normal, or if we’re just a really unhealthy crew? We take vitamins, we eat relatively healthy foods, and we’re all in the habit of good hand-washing practices — so why is this happening? Are frequent colds just a normal part of childhood?

Does your child get sick a lot? Do you have any advice for avoiding the common cold?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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