Why Toddlers Should Never Be Left Alone

Eric Hicks from KTTSAs if Joplin, Missouri hasn’t seen enough devastation in 2011, there is now a small child dead because of the negligence of one man.

Eric Hicks is accused of leaving his girlfriend’s 18-month-old child home alone, sleeping in his crib while he left to make an appointment at the local methadone clinic. Now, let’s examine that sentence to see how many things wrong there are with this story.

First… it wasn’t even his child. Ladies! Lets stop leaving our precious children with just anybody to watch! While there are some great guys out there who may treat your child as their own, there are idiots like this who are going to leave them home alone! This guy CLEARLY had no business watching this little boy!

Second? The methadone clinic? If your partner is using methadone, there is no way in hell they should be left alone to watch your precious little baby! ┬áSleeping or not! Let’s put more value on our children! I know it is hard to come by a sitter for some but come on people!

The entire story itself stinks, but of course the public is never going to know all the details of what exactly happened to the little boy, but this is a shining example of one thing…


Not for a minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes… NEVER EVER leave a child ALONE!

This poor little boy!

My heart breaks for his family, mother, and all of those who loved him, and I hope this serves as an example and lesson for people who ever consider leaving their child at home alone, even if they are sleeping!

photo: KTTS


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