Will My Toddler Ever Trust a Body of Water Again?

boy in shallow waters
The wrath of the lake.

Remember what happened when we went to the ocean a few weeks ago?

Well, we came to Vermont and found that our water shoes from last summer still fit, so we took them with us to this shallow lake beach on the day of the heat wave. We had a terrific day there, and we were excited to bring Daddy when he got back from his business trip.

Meanwhile, I knew Shnook was anxious about the lake taking his shoes away because he kept asking me:

“Mommy, is a lake as fast as the ocean? Is a lake as strong as the ocean?”

I assured him it wasn’t. I assured him there was no way the lake would sweep his water shoes away in it’s waves.

So, when Daddy got home, we piled into the car on a late afternoon, but still a beautiful day. It wasn’t nearly as hot as the heat wave day, but the water was shallow enough that it was pretty warm for swimming.

Shnook was thrilled and took a running start to jump in the water. He wanted to show off his jumping skills to his Dad.

It was too bad he picked the one area of the beach that was not solid sand, but muddy quick sand instead.

That’s right. He tripped and got his feet stuck in this really dense muddy stuff, and when he came out, he was only wearing one water shoe.

His Dad spent thirty minutes digging through the mud (under six inches of water) looking for his shoe.

It was gone. GONE!

Can you bloody believe it??

Poor, poor Shnook. He had another freak-out (rightly so).  I had promised him nothing bad would happen to his shoes, and then in some horrible twist of fate…something did happen. I mean, I did have a really hard time hiding the fact that I simply could not stop laughing, which is even MORE horrible.

To me, this is just another parenting lesson. Obviously, and especially with toddlers and preschoolers, there can be no absolutes.

His Dad managed to appease him slightly by finding him a cool pink rock (a piece of granite) in the mud, and by promising new water shoes. (Oh, guess whose job that would be? Guess I have to google water shoes after this…)

Nature is a funny thing.  Meanwhile, is it water that my toddler will no longer trust, or me?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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