Winning At The Parenting of Toddlers: 24 Silly Pictures

Parenting toddlers is hard.

Sometimes a good dose of humour and letting go of all the ‘rules’ is exactly what we (and they), need most.

So, if you’re a helicopter parent or someone who puts a bike helmet on their kid to ride around your country crescent in…you probably won’t see the humour in these.

For those of you who still let your kid drink from the hose and run around the backyard naked…this is for you. Enjoy.

  • Winning & Failing… 1 of 26
    Awesome Parenting Pics

    But mostly winning.

  • Sleeping Child WILL Be Used As Laptop 2 of 26
    Sleeping Children WILL Be Laptops

    And why not? Arm rest too.
    Source: BehBehBlog

  • Our ‘Get Along Shirt’ 3 of 26

    This right here is happening in our household. It's so ON.
    Source: Buzzfeed

  • On Gender Roles 4 of 26
    Gender Roles

    To be honest, there isn't a bribe around that could pry my daughter's dollies away from her. Still, I give this parent props for successfully teaching her daughter about gender roles.
    Source: Buzzfeed

  • Toddler Wrangling 101 5 of 26
    Carrying a Toddler

    I can testify to the awesome of this technique. It's amusing and it really works. We administer this holster style side-carry with our wily toddlers any and all times they wear any type of overall clothing.
    Source: Buzzfeed

  • Poopy Consequences 6 of 26
    The Scoop On Poop

    I stand by this wholeheartedly. 
    Source: Buzzfeed

  • Parenting Lifehack For The Win 7 of 26
    Parenting Lifehack

    Some might call this winning, some might call this failing. I fully approve. You know, for on occasion. 
    Source: Buzzfeed

  • This Guy Right Here 8 of 26
    Dad Dressed Up In Halloween Costumes

    This could be considered embarrassing (depending on the age of his kid), or awesome. I'm going with awesome.
    Source: Buzzfeed




  • Overboard? 9 of 26
    Fun Easter Themed Food For Kids

    Preparing completely over-the-top seasonal / holiday themed food for your kids may be considered a waste of time by some. Whatever you might think, I know my kids love it! 
    Source: me

  • Toddlers To The Rescue! 10 of 26
    Teaching Toddlers CPR

    So. Apparently this is a thing. For really real. 
    Source: Silly Parents

  • An Excellent Adventure 11 of 26
    Toddlers Dressed Up as Wayne & Garth

    You know this is so very, very, right.
    Source: Silly Parents

  • Fort Building 12 of 26
    Building Forts with Toddlers

    You know this is good for them. In fact, I'm pretty sure there's a stat somewhere out there that testifies to the positive child-rearing benefits of fort-building. Want to challenge that? Oh, okay - but you probably should still build forts with your kids.
    Source: me

  • Toddler Tossing 13 of 26
    Playing With Toddlers?

    Don't Look. I mean, they forgot their helmets and everything. Someone, quick, call CPS.
    Source: me

  • A True Dining Experience 14 of 26
    Dad Eating Dinner With His Kids

    No explanation needed. Clearly this dad is the bees knees.
    Source: The Berry

  • Father – Son Dress-up 15 of 26
    Father Playing Dress-Up With Child

    Every-where, all the time. This kid is my superhero.
    Source: The Berry

  • The Family That Dresses Up Together… 16 of 26
    Family Dressed Up As Aliens For Halloween

    Stays together? I'm not entirely sure what's going on here, but I cannot deny it's awesomeness.
    Source: The Berry

  • The Ultimate Super Mario Bros. 17 of 26
    Super Mario Brother Costumes

    Every gamers dream come true.
    Source: The Berry

  • Melt 18 of 26
    Wheelchair Halloween Costume For Little Girl

    A parent's heart know no bounds.
    Source: The Berry

  • Young Jedis 19 of 26
    Quiet Book For Toddlers

    Getting them started young. I don't know about you, but pretty much everything I needed to know about life I learned from Star Wars. Essentially.
    Source: The Berry

  • R2-Tutu 20 of 26
    Toddler Girl Dressed Up As R2-D2

    If only more parents respected and instilled the teachings of Star Wars into their children. If only.
    Source: The Berry

  • Back To The Future 21 of 26
    Back To The Future Car Costume

    In case you didn't recognize this amazing re-creation. 
    Source: Daily Dawdle

  • Toddler Yoga 22 of 26
    Toddler Yoga

    Those who teach and practice yoga with their toddlers? Winning at breeding calmer balls of human ferocity. 
    Source: PBS

  • The Post It Note Dad 23 of 26
    Post It Note Dad

    On the attributes of singing the 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' to one's child and other such gems of thought from a stay at home dad.
    Source: Daily Dawdle

  • It’s All About The Rock & Roll 24 of 26
    Playing Music With Kids

    Teaching them how to play an instrument, or just rocking out with them in a playful way - all good things.
    Source: me

  • It’s All About The Rock & Roll 25 of 26
    Playing Music With Kids

    Teaching them how to play an instrument, or just rocking out with them in a playful way - all good things.
    Source: me

  • Tattoos For Your Child 26 of 26
    Awesome Parenting

    Unique, yet wonderfully supportive. 
    Source: Daily Dawdle


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