7 Tips for Working at Home With Toddlers

tips for working at homeIt’s been exactly 1 year since I left corporate America and our child’s beloved sitter. It was a hard decision, because well let’s face it. A nice corporate job has it’s perks and by perks I mean CA-CHING$$ – money – mula – deniro. After seeing a few prayers answered, I knew jumping ship was what God had planned for me.

Jumping ship didn’t mean I couldn’t bring in an income. Jumping ship meant I HAD to find a way to continue to bring in an income. Thankfully with not having to pay out the wazoo in childcare, like we previously were doing I was able to find enough work to keep a few of the extras that our life had become accustomed to.

All that is fine and dandy, except – wait. No childcare meant I had a baby and a toddler to watch during the majority of the day, and then our 2 older kids in the afternoon. My work-at-home life had all of a sudden smacked me with reality – I was going to have to learn how to juggle being a full-time mom, work-at-home mom and a wife.

A year later, now with 2 toddlers – we are making PROGRESS. I would never ever jinx myself by saying I’ve figured out anything in life. School of hard knocks has taught me never to say or blog anything as such.  So, here are a few tips I’ve learned – hopefully they will help you if you are a work-at-home mom type or considering the such.

7 Tips for Working at Home With 2 Toddlers after the jump!

  • Normal Rules Do Not Apply 1 of 7
    Normal Rules Do Not Apply
    We have a general rule, no food upstairs. But see we are in the process of moving and now my office is in the playroom. So I threw out that rule for the toddlers in the mornings and now feed them their breakfast upstairs, so I can work and talk to them. I try to use this time for emails, something that I can plow threw without having to put TOO much thought.
    P.S. Yes, my kid is eating his breakfast on his rocking horse. Don't judge.
  • Use Nap Time as Your Power Hour 2 of 7
    Use Nap Time as Your Power Hour
    When the kids nap, use that as your power hour. Any tasks that need devoted attention, do it during this time. Guess what my kids are doing as I write this? Yep, napping!
  • Keep the Kids Busy 3 of 7
    Keep the Kids Busy
    Find a good mix of activities that the kids can do while you are working that doesn't require supervision. The iPad is our best friend for the 2 year old.
  • Keep Both Kids on the Same Schedule 4 of 7
    Keep Both Kids on the Same Schedule
    Oh this lesson was a HARD ONE. I have 1 toddler who sleeps in and another who is up when the others go to school. At first I thought, oh good. I only have 1 toddler to manage and then when the other wakes up - the other can nap. Yeah, it doesn't work like that. I was making 4 meals a day, compared to 2. The diaper changing was never ending. It just did not WORK.
  • Make Time for the Kids 5 of 7
    Make Time for the Kids
    Wednesdays are my day with the kids. I work late, or wake up early. During the day - it's all about playgroup or mom's group. If I miss one of those, I make it a point to do something that THEY enjoy. I also make sure that we have down time during the day to just play.
  • Get Help When Needed 6 of 7
    Get Help When Needed
    Just because you work at home with the kids, doesn't mean you don't need help! We're in the process of finding a Mother's Day Out for our 2 year old. Also, my husband is awesome at watching the kids and taking off when I have events or meetings to attend.
  • Remember Why You Do This 7 of 7
    Remember Why You Do This
    When times get tough, I often think of how glamorous my day job was. I had started hating it after 10+ years and it's funny how when I think back, my first notion doesn't include the stress and long hours I had to work. It wasn't glamorous, it's just my mind playing tricks on me. I do this so I can see my kids and so that I can pursue MY happy.

Here is my story where I quit my job with no regrets. Still no regrets and while I am still stressed, it’s good stress!

What Tips Do You Have That Help You Work at Home?

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