Working Mom Holiday Balls (In the Air)

I love Christmas.

Really, I do.  I really, really adore the holiday season and twinkle lights and wrapped presents.  But I’m going to be straight with you – I don’t have a whole bunch of time for anything other than the holiday necessities. So when my fellow Babble Toddler writers started flinging out wonderful ideas on gift lists and toddler electronics and top twenty shatterproof ornaments, my head started spinning and I desperately emailed our editor “Tell the others to stop dibs’ing ALL THE CHRISTMAS THINGS until I can get client’s landing pages under control! THEN I can think about Christmas stuff on Etsy. Send coffee. Send wine.”

I’m not trying to be mean or smug or anything, but at 3pm when I’m knee-deep in third revisions of a whitepaper and I haven’t seen the sunshine in hours (if not days) and it feels more like a plain ol’ Tuesday rather than THREE! MORE! TUESDAYS! UNTIL! CHRISTMAS!  So seeing folks getting excited makes my head spin a little because I’m just not there.

You feel me on this, yes?  Of course you do.

You, the momma that is more in-tune with her cubicle than Etsy’s front page.  You, the momma who mixed up Pajama Day at daycare last week.  You, the momma who brought Bojangles biscuits to the company potluck.

So to all the mommas who have a long list of sh*t to do before she can think of the Top Gifts for 2012, here’s a fist-bump to you and all the stuff you have to do before Christmas Day:

  • Attend awkward holiday party 1 of 8
    Attend awkward holiday party
    Yep, get dressed up and introduce your significant other to your boss. If it's a sit-down dinner or no alcohol, plan on hitting the bar later.
  • Find alternative child care 2 of 8
    Find alternative child care
    Oh, daycare has a week & a half off? & you don't? Looks like you need to scrounge up a family member or friend for holiday babysitting. Or beg your boss for more vacation time.
  • Order and mail Christmas cards 3 of 8
    Order and mail Christmas cards
    Count on using at least two lunch breaks to address & stamp all 100 Christmas cards.
  • Bake goodies for preschool party 4 of 8
    Bake goodies for preschool party
    As if work parties weren't enough, working moms also have to provide food & attend daycare holiday parties.
  • Wrap up work at the office 5 of 8
    Wrap up work at the office
    Clear out the inbox, make sure all clients are settled until the new year, make sure all glitches are fixed. The hustle of wrapping up the end of the year at the office is stressful.
  • The work potluck 6 of 8
    The work potluck
    Oh, yes. The infamous "bring your favorite dish!" potluck where 5 people bring something gourmet and 5 people cop out with Chick Fil A catering.
  • Gifts for the teachers 7 of 8
    Gifts for the teachers
    It's not enough to buy for family, friends, neighbors...but I have to find something special for my son's preschool teachers to say "thank you" for all they do. The snot-wiping, tear-drying, nap-forcing, poop-wiping, crazy job that they have.
  • Pour another cup of coffee. 8 of 8
    Pour another cup of coffee.
    Go ahead, momma. You need it.

Fellow mommas, what do you have to get done before Etsy can finally call your name?

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