Wyndham Reviews: The 10 Best Holiday Apps & Digital Activities For Toddlers

Hey guys! Wyndham here…and guys?! GUYS?!

Only 5 more sleeps till Christmas!!! I don’t get why we have to wait, but that’s what mama and daddy keep saying, so I guess I have to go with it. Jeez, they can be bossy. I mean, I’m not sure, but if the world’s most best movie ever (Arthur) really is like in real life? I just can’t even think about it. I get too excited and need an apple juice, straight up, right away. Then my mama has to go and water it down. Jeeeeez.

I don’t really remember much about Santa, or Rudolph or anything about this Christmas stuff. I mean, I can’t remember when I had a cookie last. Can I have a cookie? NO BUT REALLY, I need a cookie. CookieCookieCookieCookieCookieCOOOOOKIIIEE!

Phew. Thanks. (My mom just handed me one). I mean, what does she expect with all this baking she’s doing? You can’t tease a guy like that.

What was I talking about again? Oh yea. (OMG this cookie is SO GOOD). At first I thought my mom was being extra nerdy with how hopped up she gets about all this holiday stuff — but then she showed me some Christmas apps and I was all like, HUZZAH! Yes! This is something I can get behind! Some of them kinda sucked but a bunch of them were SO COOL. It’s like they were made just for me, or kids my age at least.

Check. Them. Out.

  • Portable Northpole 1 of 10
    Portable Northpole
    This one's toppers. I mean - Santa made a video for ME. Apprently he'll make one for your kid too! Like, WHOA, right?
    Check it out over on Portable Northpole
  • Christmas Play 2 of 10
    Christmas Play
    Stickers. Need I say more?
    Get the app from iTunes
  • Elmo Moster Maker 3 of 10
    Elmo Moster Maker
    Obviously, right? Anything to do with this dude and I'm loving life. I especially like the fact that I get to MAKE my own monsters and then they play with me after. The bomb.
    Find the app on iTunes
  • Norad Santa Tracker 4 of 10
    Norad Santa Tracker
    You must have all heard of this, right? Apparently NORAD stands for North American Aerospace Defense Command. Yea - try saying that even one time fast. Anyways - this thing is so cool. An online game, tons of neat videos, apps galore - this baby has it all.
    Learn more over on Norad Santa
  • Christmas Spell (Lite) 5 of 10
    Christmas Spell (Lite)
    My peeps - I am a dude who loves letters. I've even started some reading and spelling? I mean - I just can't get enough of it. Some people may think that sort of thing is boring, and well - they're just plain crazy.
    Find the app on iTunes
  • The Night Before Christmas 6 of 10
    The Night Before Christmas
    This story is so silly, it just makes me laugh and laugh!
    Get the book app from iTunes
  • Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure 7 of 10
    Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure
    I don't care what all you boring adults say. Dora is the bomb-diggs.
    Find the app on iTunes
  • Countdown to Christmas – Holiday Puzzles 8 of 10
    Countdown to Christmas - Holiday Puzzles
    Puzzles! I never thought I'd see the day where puzzles made it to the digital world (my mom taught me that word). They still can't replace my awesome wooden ones, but this - because it features Santa and Rudolph, well they come pretty dang close.
    Find the app on iTunes
  • The Nutcracker 9 of 10
    The Nutcracker
    This bad boy has 6 different interactive games. 6 I tell you! The graphics are amazing, and well - I never thought I'd be one for classical music, but this stuff gets me right here. *Thumps chest*
    Find the app on iTunes
  • Arthur Christmas Movie Storybook 10 of 10
    Arthur Christmas Movie Storybook
    Have I told you guys yet that this is THE BEST MOVIE EVER? When my mom found this app for me - I'll admit, I lost my cool a bit. In a totally good way.
    Find the interactive book app from iTunes

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