You Might Be a Bad Mom If…

Bad Mom… I guess you could really call it a subjective term. What I would consider to be a bad mom, you may think to be the next June Cleaver, right?

No matter who we come across as parents, or what the parenting style of others may be, there will always be someone different, or who you clash with on opinions.

Which leads me to a post I have been working on for a while. It is no news that I have some serious critics out there. And over the past two years I have been a contributor here on Babble, I have learned how much of a horrible mother I am from the internets!

Some of the suggestions and comments just make me shake my head and laugh hysterically though. The sheer ridiculousness of some of it makes me wonder what other simple issues in day-to-day life these people make into monumental, Earth shattering crisis situations.

OMG! A happy meal! Your kids are going to grow up to be fat diabetics!
OMG! You don’t shop organic?
The world is over because you enjoy coffee or getting your nails manicured!

All the ridiculousness we all have come to embrace as the mothering community online!

Without any further ado, the list I have made of why I am such a horrible mother!


  • Because I Get My Nails Done 1 of 10
    Because I Get My Nails Done
    While I don't go to a salon anymore to get my nails done, I still take the time to do them myself. Apparently if you decide you want to take care of yourself in certain ways besides just showering and looking presentable in society... you are a bad mom!
  • Because I am Pro-Choice 2 of 10
    Because I am Pro-Choice
    Didn't you know? If you are pro-choice you are one of those mean baby haters! You can never have children because you support a woman's right to make her own medical decisions! If you are pro-choice you most certainly are a bad mom! (Insert eye roll here!)
  • Because I Have Tattoos 3 of 10
    Because I Have Tattoos
    You heard me right! I am a horrible mother because I have tattoos! You cannot have any kind of body art and be a great parent, it is apparently against some kind of law.
  • Because I Enjoy Deep Fried Pickles 4 of 10
    Because I Enjoy Deep Fried Pickles
    Well, I have a weakness for all things deep fried. But if you enjoy some kind of forbidden pleasures in deep fried form on occasion, you are a bad parent because you and your children MUST live on it constantly if you eat it on occasion. Makes sense right?
  • Because I Go Out Without My Children 5 of 10
    Because I Go Out Without My Children
    On occasion I have a day out with my friends. A movie night here, a music festival there... you know, things a lot of parents do! But if you leave your children behind with their other parent, or a babysitter, you are the world's worst parent!
  • Because I have Blue Hair 6 of 10
    Because I have Blue Hair
    I have blue highlights and of course I am the world's worst mom because of it. The dye goes to my head and of course I make sub-par decision. Only makes sense right?
  • Because I am a Blogger 7 of 10
    Because I am a Blogger
    I ignore my children, blog about every aspect of their lives, and of course don't interact with them in the 24 hours a day I am here to take care of them. All because I am a blogger.
  • Because I Drink Alcohol 8 of 10
    Because I Drink Alcohol
    So I am not the best Mormon out there, I enjoy a drink every once and a while, and I also have children. While I don't drink around my kids, I do drink because I have kids. I need some kind of sanity at the end of the day. Oh, because I use a drink here and there to unwind, I am a horrible parent.
  • Because We Eat Fast Food 9 of 10
    Because We Eat Fast Food
    Moderation is key in everything right? At least that is what our Pediatrician has told us. We ear fast food on occasion. We go out to eat frequently, and because I am a horrible cook, I am a bad mom.
  • Because I Enjoy Coffee 10 of 10
    Because I Enjoy Coffee
    Well maybe it is because I enjoy the Dunkin' Donuts drive thru, or the occasional Frappachino at Starbucks. If I spend money on coffee, I am a useless Mom. Oh well, I guess I will be a crappy mom if that means surviving the day without an IV of coffee.

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