Young Native Family Series: Adorable Toddler Siblings In Pow Wow Regalia

Last weekend served as a big milestone for not just my kids. Me too. It was my first time making Pow Wow regalia, and their first time stepping out as “tiny tots” into the circle at a Pow Wow in regalia.

To learn more about Pow Wow regalia, see more pictures of my creative process and personal journey regarding it all, visit me over on my personal blog.

It was last month when I first started the Young Native Family Series here on Babble, starting with a selection of tiny tot Pow Wow dancers from my local community. It was an honor to become a part of that and I look forward to our continued journey together as a family with our local community and circle.

I hope to continue to share some of the Native traditions that we hold dear as a family, as parents during the early years. As a culturally blended and multiracial family that struggles the same as many do. To shed some light and understanding on the experiences that we consider to be monumental milestones as a Native people. I may look white, (SO WHITE!) but this is the part of my Indigenous roots that I and my family identifies with the most, wherein I (and thankfully my partner), feel the most naturally connected in living an authentic way of life.

To share our stories just like, you, you and you. I’m currently pretty sure that there is nothing cuter than tiny tots decked out in Pow Wow regalia. Which, I am of course partial to, given that the images below are of my own children.


The over-the-top cuteness of my toddler siblings is hard to deny. Am I right?

  • Unrehearsed & Downright Adorable 1 of 7

    Okay, so maybe I did bribe them with smarties to stand more still and less jumpy for these photos. They were excited! Also? Will you just look at the #NativePride on my boy? And his pose? And that big tippy toe? This picture slays me. Click through for the rest!

  • Sibling Love 2 of 7
    Sibling Love

    And herein is where I lay, officially gutted. Killed dead by the cute.

  • Seriously! 3 of 7

    The most amazing part is that they DIDN'T fuss. They wore their regalia all afternoon proudly. Wyndham especially, whose preparation took quite a while. He sat still, let me and my girlfriend fawn and arrange every last detail. Including having his hair french braided in three rows. You guys, this is HUGE. He usually kicks up a fuss at the mere sighting of a hair brush. I was floored.

  • Checking Each Other Out 4 of 7
    Checking Each-other Out

    Believe it or not, there are actually pieces missing from their regalia. Wyndham's is borrowed from a friend. I'l be building on Abby's over the next year, and will probably have to add some panels to the sides of her dress to let it out a bit for next year, although we did make it a little big to last a couple of years.

  • Generations 5 of 7

    I loved watching my boy completely smitten and transfixed by the sound/sight/beat of the drum and drummers. Pretty much everything around him. This wasn't his first Pow Wow, but he was definitely seeing it through new eyes in his regalia. I watched him identify with many and quietly observe his environment, the different dances and the way that things go down at a Pow Wow. On this day I saw my boy as he is known to be by his Spirit Name, Niighanighijzik "Leader From The Sky." My Little Big Spirit Running.

  • Grand Entry 6 of 7

    Many thanks to my friend Robert Snache, of Spirithands Photography, for catching this shot of me with the kids during Grand Entry.
    Click here to see the rest of the photos from the Rama Pow Wow.

  • The Dress 7 of 7

    This jingle dress had me up until 4:30 am last Friday night and I loved every minute of it!
    Check out my creative process here


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