Your Beautiful Toddler — Photos Of Joy

Welcome to the first installment of a new monthly feature here at Babble — Your Beautiful Toddler.

As the parent of a fabulously-ornery toddler myself, I know that I can sometimes get caught up in moments of frustration.

Yes, there are tantrums, and missed naps, and crayon marks to clean off the walls, but wow — toddlers are amazing.

This month our Your Beautiful Toddler theme was JOY. I asked my Facebook fans to submit photos of their toddlers that capture the true spirit of joy, and they did not disappoint.

Check out this gorgeous gallery filled with images that really show us the bright, smiling, joyful soul of toddlers!

  • Golden Light 1 of 26
    Golden Light
    "This isn't the typical face picture but this picture encompasses JOY to me. Real joy! My daughter was twirling and singing praise.

    Contributed by Diana K.
  • Boys Will Be Boys 2 of 26
    Boys Will Be Boys
    "My 2 boys and their cousin wrestling and having fun while we were camping!"

    Contributed by Shelby M.
  • Fountain Fun 3 of 26
    Fountain Fun
    "This is my JaMonkey having fun in the fountain in Atlanta."

    Contributed by Meghan C.
  • Adorable 4 of 26
    "Life, it's always more fun when you're laughing!"

    Contributed by Sydney S.
  • Yum 5 of 26
    "Our 15-month-old Ella found joy in her first chocolate dipped macaroon."

    Contributed by Dusty B.
  • Ice Cream FTW! 6 of 26
    Ice Cream FTW!
    "This is a picture of my son when he was 12 months old. One nice big ice cream cone makes any baby happy! I love the expression on his face!"

    Contributed by Abi H.
  • Happiness Is A Toddler Smile 7 of 26
    Happiness Is A Toddler Smile
    "My darling girl, smiling as always!"

    Contributed by Shamara M.
  • The Only Way To Fly! 8 of 26
    The Only Way To Fly!
    With Daddy, of course!

    Contributed by Mike J.
  • Cowabunga! 9 of 26

    Contributed by Abi H.
  • Swing Fun 10 of 26
    Swing Fun
    "This is my 2-year-old son, David. He loves swinging, as you can see!"

    Contributed by Cheryl M.
  • Hi There! 11 of 26
    Hi There!
    "Carson having fun at the fruit farm."

    Contributed by Britney N.
  • Big Sister 12 of 26
    Big Sister
    "Olivia has exciting news!"

    Contributed by Dana D.
  • Splash! 13 of 26
    "K. loves exploring, and getting dirty!"

    Contributed by Emily
  • Birthday Fun 14 of 26
    Birthday Fun
    "Matthew on the day of his 3rd birthday party, ready to help make cupcakes!"

    Contributed by Gina H.
  • Sandbox 15 of 26
    "My boy enjoying his pirate sandbox."

    Contributed by Ginny M.
  • Say Cheese 16 of 26
    Say Cheese
    "The discovery of the "cheese" smile!! My darling Bennett!"

    Contributed by Heather S.
  • At The Playground 17 of 26
    At The Playground
    "Two-year-old Jack had the park to himself, so he was able to enjoy the BIG slide!"

    Contributed by Kassy S.
  • Don’t Drink And Fly 18 of 26
    Don't Drink And Fly
    "If one must drink and fly naked, it's best to wear a helmet. Safety first!"

    Contributed by Lindsay M.
  • Can I Buy This Mommy? 19 of 26
    Can I Buy This Mommy?
    Anna, 2, enjoying some shopping.

    Contributed by Marie S.
  • Playing 20 of 26
    "Donovan playing at the apple orchard."

    Contributed by Audrey G.
  • Summer Fun 21 of 26
    Summer Fun
    Brendon, 22-months.

    Contributed by Beverly K.
  • Out With Mom 22 of 26
    Out With Mom
    Went to see Sesame street Live with my 2--year-old, Tyler. He was so excited."

    Contributed by Angie B.
  • Let’s Dance 23 of 26
    Let's Dance
    "Hayden, 3, loves to dance!"

    Contributed by Melissa M.
  • Rebel Yell! 24 of 26
    Rebel Yell!

    Contributed by Samantha Z.
  • Peek-a-boo 25 of 26
    "Playing in the fountains at the park, cooling off on a 100 degree da.y"

    Contributed by Kendra E.
  • Summertime Joy 26 of 26
    Summertime Joy
    "Enjoying the sprinklers at the grandparents' house this summer."

    Contributed by Sara O.

    If you would like to show the world YOUR beautiful toddler, be sure to become a fan of Dear Crissy on Facebook, and keep an eye out for our monthly request for YBT submissions!

If you would like to show the world YOUR beautiful toddler, be sure to become a fan of Dear Crissy on Facebook, and keep an eye out for our monthly request for YBT submissions!

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