10 Most Amazing Ice Hotels

Book your holiday vacation around staying at one of these absolutely amazing ice hotels. Curl up in the world’s first ice hotel in Sweden and gawk at the stunning ice art that surrounds you. Stay a night under the Northern Lights in the Aurora Ice Museum that is open all year round. Most of these chill hotels are only seasonal, so you might want to book soon before they melt away. You can have an experience of a lifetime with a room unlike any other in these 10 amazing ice hotels.

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  • Hotel de Glace in Quebec, Canada 2 of 11

    First built in 2001, this hotel is made of 15,000 tons of snow and 500,000 tons of ice.
    Find out more at Hotel de Glace .

  • Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel in Alta, Norway 3 of 11

    Built for the 15th time this winter, the Igloo Hotel is the only one of its kind.
    Find out more at Sorrisniva.

  • ICEHOTEL in Sweden 4 of 11

    Stay the night on a bed built from ice blocks in the world's first ice hotel.
    Find out more at Icehotel.

  • Ice Hotel in Lake Balea, Romania 5 of 11

    This magical ice hotel stands 2000 meters above sea level and can only be accessed via cable car.
    Find out more at Ice Hotel Romania.

  • Snow Village in Kittilä, Finland 6 of 11

    Every year in November, one thousand trucks of snow are used to create Finland's Snow Village.
    Find out more at Snow Village .

  • Igloo Village in Engelberg, Switzerland 7 of 11

    Stay a night or two in the sustainable Igloo Village. This hotel is built every season from 3000 tons of snow. Time to crawl in and get cozy. 
    Find out more at Iglu Dorf.

  • Ice Hotel in Hokkaido, Japan 8 of 11

    This hotel is only open seasonally. A room averages $900 per night and is the only one of its kind in Japan.
    Find out more at Wall Street Journal .

  • Aurora Ice Hotel in Fairbanks, Alaska, USA 9 of 11

    Owned by Chena Hot Springs Resort, the Aurora Ice Museum is open year round for guests to come and look around. It's not advertised, but some guests can even stay the night in one of the rooms.
    Find out more at  Chena Hot Springs.

  • SnowHotel in Kemi, Finland 10 of 11

    Opening February 26, 2014, the SnowHotel has over 18 rooms that stay -5 degrees Celsius during the winter. Schedule a nice dinner at the SnowCastle nearby.
    Find out more at Visit Kemi.

  • Kirkenes Snowhotel in Kirkenes, Norway 11 of 11

    It takes 15 tons of ice and snow every year to make the Kirkenes Snowhotel.
    Find out more at Kirkenes Snow Hotel.

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