10 Awesome Adventures to Gift this Holiday Season

If you’re scratching your head for gift ideas, consider giving an experience of a lifetime. Send a thrill-seeking friend out to drive a race car at high speeds on the track. Want to take it a notch up? Surprise them with a day full of food, drinks, and diving with great white sharks. These amazing adventures are sure to be a gift they won’t forget. If you’re really feeling generous, there’s even a special gift that is literally out of this world.

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  • Hot Air Balloon and Champagne Flight (Albuquerque, New Mexico) 2 of 11

    Head out on a beautiful sunrise or sunset hot air balloon ride over Albuquerque, New Mexico. Once you land, enjoy a toast with champagne and continental breakfast.
    Buy it for $159 at World Balloon.

  • Bungee Jump off the Stratosphere (Las Vegas, Nevada) 3 of 11

    Take Las Vegas up a notch by jumping off the 108th floor of the Stratosphere. Plus, you can choose the Wrist Video Package to have recorded proof of the entire thing.
    Buy it for $109 at Sky Jump Las Vegas.

  • Climb Mount McKinley, Alaska 4 of 11

    For the climber, surprise him/her with a track up Mount McKinley, the tallest peak in North America. After a training course, you will be well on your way to climb. The price also includes your equipment, stove, transportation to the trailhead and more.
    Buy the 6-day training and climb for $1300 at Alpine Ascents.

  • Race Car Driving (Variety of Cities Across America) 5 of 11

    Select your region (these courses are all over the country) and then pick your dream car to race around the track. Perhaps racing a Ferrari is more your style. Driving an indy car will definitely give you a rush, and if you're feeling big, you might want to take a few exotic cars for a spin.
    Prices range from about $150 - $1000, depending on course.

    Buy it at Cloud 9 Living.

  • Whitewater Rafting the Grand Canyon 6 of 11

    Plan up to a 13-day whitewater rafting tour through the Grand Canyon. Take in beautiful places like waterfalls and hidden canyons. Hike to ancient places along the canyon and enjoy a trip you're sure never to forget.
    Prices range from $1,275 to $3,565 depending on trip.

    Buy it at Grand Canyon White Water.

  • Diving with Sharks (Farallon Islands, California) 7 of 11

    Take a dive with great white sharks off the coast of San Francisco. Included in the complete package is all the essentials for a safe dive, breakfast, lunch, snacks, and even beer and wine to get you through this day event.
    Buy a 1-day cage dive for $775 at Great White Adventures.
    Photo via Nomadier.

  • Sky Diving (Variety of Cities Across America) 8 of 11

    Yes you could take a plane to a destination, or you can jump out of one! Head out on the popular tandem sky diving trip and get the thrill of falling up to 120 mph. Once that parachute kicks in, you'll be soaring through the air and coming in for a safe landing. You can simply call and they will set you up with an instructor in a city near you. 
    Buy a tandem sky diving gift certificate for $249 at Sky Diving.

  • Nation’s Fastest, Longest, and Highest Zipline Tour (Hunter, New York) 9 of 11

    Go for a real adventure on the SkyRider Zipline Tour in Hunter, New York. Reach speeds up to 50 mph as you take in the sights around you on a 4.6 mile zipline tour. If this sounds a little too crazy, there are also zipline options that are not as high impact. These zipline tours are also located in Campton, Kentucky and Lincoln, New Hampshire.
    Buy the SkyRider gift card for $119 at Zipline New York.

  • Windsurfing in Orlando, Florida 10 of 11

    Take a windsurfing private lesson in just three hours and then enjoy three hours with rental equipment to go and hit the waves.
    Buy it for $175 at Calema.

  • Go from New Mexico to Space 11 of 11

    If you really feel like splurging this holiday season, book a flight with Virgin Galactic to space. Get blasted up at 2500mph to space and then enjoy silence and the feeling of weightlessness. Prepare for landing by gliding back down to earth.
    Buy it for $250,000 at Virgin Galactic.

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