10 Beautiful Butterfly Gardens in the U.S.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of my favorite books. The anticipation of seeing the caterpillar transform into a beautiful butterfly was always so very exciting. As my daughter grows up I’ve seen that she has the same fondness for them as I do. I love to watch her light up every time one passes her by, as she watches it flutter along, hoping it will stop and rest on her little finger. To be in a place filled with exotic, tropical, and native butterflies would be an incredible experience.

While you’re planning your summer trip, consider making a pitstop to see the stunning displays of butterflies in some of the country’s largest butterfly conservatories.

Here are 10 Beautiful Butterfly Gardens in the US to get you started…

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  • Butterfly World, Florida 2 of 11

    Butterfly World in Coconut Creek, Florida is the largest butterfly house in the world, with over 150 different species seen throughout the year. 
    Photo via Wikimedia.

  • Butterfly Pavilion, Colorado 3 of 11

    Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, Colorado is home to over 1,600 butterflies. Take this opportunity to see them and learn how they play an extra large role in maintaining the health of our environment. 
    Photo via Wikimedia.

  • Woodland Park Zoo, Washington 4 of 11

    The Woodland Park Zoo Butterfly Exhibit in Seattle, Washington is a definite sight to see. The zoo now works with the Oregon Zoo and Lewis and Clark College to help restore the native Oregon silverspot butterfly into its natural habitat.
    Photo Via Wikimedia.

  • Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory and Gardens, Massachusetts 5 of 11

    The Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory and Gardens in South Deerfield, MA has 4,000 exotic and domestic butterflies flying all around you in a glass room. Along with butterflies, you can take in the calm and serene atmosphere, which also includes a Japanese koi pond.
    Photo via Wikimedia.

  • Butterfly Garden at Callaway Gardens, Georgia 6 of 11

    The Butterfly Gardens at Callaway Gardens is a wonderful place to take a spring trip. Visit North America's largest glass-enclosed tropical, butterfly conservatory to see hundreds of butterflies flying about. If you visit in September you will get the chance to see the world's largest display of Blue Morpho butterflies that are a stunning iridescent blue.
    Photo Via Wikimedia.

  • Butterfly Wonderland, Arizona 7 of 11

    The Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale, Arizona is America's largest butterfly atrium. Come for a visit to step into a tropical rainforest filled with butterflies flying from flower to flower. Put out your hand to see if one of them lands on your finger.
    Photo via Wikimedia.

  • Oklahoma City Zoo Butterfly Garden, Oklahoma 8 of 11

    Learn everything about butterflies at the Butterfly Garden in the Oklahoma City Zoo. At 20,000 square feet, this unique garden is the largest, walk-through, outdoor butterfly garden in the state of Oklahoma. See if you can spot the Monarch butterfly as it makes its way south.
    Photo via Wikimedia.

  • Anna Smith Children’s Park and Butterfly Habitat, Washington 9 of 11

    Anna Smiths Children's Park and Butterfly Habitat is a quaint and intimate spot for you to visit with beautiful butterflies. Bring a picnic along to enjoy the outdoors and the colorful butterflies.
    Photo via Wikimedia.

  • Butterfly Magic, Arizona 10 of 11

    Butterfly Magic at the Tucson Botanical Garden is an indoor home to many beautiful butterflies, and a handful of frogs. See how they coexist with each other in this marvelous habitat.
    Photo via Wikimedia.

  • Butterfly Pavilion, California 11 of 11

    The Butterfly Pavilion at the Natural History Museum is open from April 13- Sept 1, 2014. It showcases 30 different types of butterfly species from North America, amongst an array of beautiful plants. Check them out up close and personal to see the intricate detail of their wings.
    Photo via Wikimedia .

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