10 Beautiful Ornaments to Inspire Travel

Be inspired to set out on a trip of a lifetime with one of these gorgeous ornaments. My travel bug tends to come in waves, but just an ornament like this glittery globe has me itching to pack a suitcase and head out. Inspire someone to jet across the ocean with a classic airplane ornament. The anchor ornament can inspire them to take to the high seas for an experience unlike any other. Although small, these 10 beautiful ornaments can be just the ticket they need to see the world.

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  • World Globe 2 of 11

    This vintage globe and touch of glitter might be the final thing the seasoned traveler needs to motivate their next trip.
    Buy it for $25 at Neiman Marcus.

  • Suitcase Ornament 3 of 11

    Pick from a selection of beautiful glass ornaments with inspiring photos of beautiful places.
    Buy it for $18.76 at Nordstrom.

  • Airplane 4 of 11

    This classic airplane ornament is timeless and can continue to inspire travel throughout the years.
    Buy it for $9.50 at FAB.

  • London Double-Decker Bus 5 of 11

    Take a trip to Europe after being inspired to see all the sights from a double-decker bus. This is the perfect gift for the Anglophile in your life. 
    Buy it for $10 at Anthropologie.

  • Big Apple Taxi 6 of 11

    Head to the Big Apple after seeing this bright yellow taxi.
    Buy it for $10 at Anthropologie.

  • La Catrina 7 of 11

    Find ornaments like La Catrina to inspire someone to explore new cultures in different countries.
    Buy it for $15 at FAB.

  • Seeing Holland 8 of 11

    Pick up a set of three glass ornaments to inspire a trip to Holland.
    Buy it for $14.99 at World Market.

  • Matryoshka Doll Ornaments 9 of 11

    These cute ornaments might just make you want to set off to Russia.
    Buy it for $14.97 at World Market.

  • Out to Sea 10 of 11

    Be inspired to head out to sea on a cruise or boat ride with this ornament.
    Buy it for $9.98 at Paper Source.

  • Eiffel Tower Ornament 11 of 11

    Be inspired to pack up a bag and head to the gorgeous city of Paris, France.
    Buy it for $10 at Anthropologie.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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