10 Children’s Books to Inspire Travel

Be inspired to hop aboard a ship, book a flight, or pack up the car for a new adventure. These 10 children’s books to inspire travel bring large concepts, like the entire world, to a much smaller level. They show the excitement that comes with seeing new places and exploring the world around you. You might find that they are also extremely helpful when teaching new concepts to kids, such as what their first flight will be like or how a trip starts with a map. From Caldecott Honor winners to classics, you and your child can be inspired to set sail after reading these great picks.

Here are 10 children’s books sure to inspire your little adventurer …

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  • This Is New York 2 of 11

    Miroslav Sasek's classic book This is New York captures the hustle and bustle of the thriving New York City. Along with this one, you should also check out his many other books such as, This is London, This is Paris, and many more.

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  • It’s Vacation Time 3 of 11

    Prepare your littlest ones for the fun of packing for a trip with this cute book. It can definitely make them excited to pack their favorite toys and set out on an adventure.

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  • All the World 4 of 11

    This Caldecott Honor Book brings to life the wonder of our world, no matter how big or small. Through colorful illustrations and rhyme, it shows how our world is tied together and things are happening at every corner.

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  • How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World 5 of 11

    While the market is closed, you might as well take a trip around the world for the ingredients, right? This imaginative takes you on a special adventure from Italy to Vermont, and all that is in between. It also comes with a tasty apple pie recipe.

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  • Madeline in London 6 of 11

    Madeline is off on another adventure to visit her dear friend Pepito in London. See the sights of London through colorful illustrations and Madeline's wild spirit.

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  • Follow That Map: A First Book of Mapping Skills 7 of 11

    Follow That Map takes kids on a trip around the world, while teaching basic mapping techniques. It can inspire kids to grab the map and pinpoint where the next adventure will begin.

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  • Somewhere in the World Right Now 8 of 11

    This books brings the whole world to a much smaller level for young ones to comprehend. It is pretty amazing that while you're tucked in to go to sleep, someone on the other side of the world is just about starting their day.

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  • Rosie Flo’s Travel Coloring Book 9 of 11

    Little ones can explore the world around them through this coloring book. Pages are filled with popular destinations around the world and new sights to see.

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  • Lisa’s Airplane Trip 10 of 11

    Teach kids all about flight through Lisa's Airplane Trip. This children's book can prepare them for what to expect and show them how fun flying in an airplane can be.

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  • Olivia Goes to Venice 11 of 11

    Little Olivia goes on a big adventure to Venice, Italy. Kids can learn about the fun activities there are to do in Venice, like taking a trip on a gondola.

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