10 Deadly Lakes You Might Not Want a Cabin On

When you’re looking for that special cabin getaway this holiday season, steer clear of these deadly lakes. Avoid taking a dip into Lake Natron in Tanzania — you could turn into one of these calcified animals as soon as you touch the hot and salty water. Yellowstone Lake might look appealing, but not so much when you learn that there is a 100-foot volcanic bulge just waiting to explode underneath the water. The peaceful and calm appeal of a lake is deceiving after you see these natural killers.

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  • Lake Natron, Tanzania 2 of 11

    This eerie Tanzanian lake is also the most caustic body of water in the world. The high temperature and high quantity of salt immediately calcifies birds and animals as soon as they come in contact with it.

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  • Boiling Lake, Dominica 3 of 11

    This deadly lake reaches up to 197 degrees Fahrenheit. Even standing at the water's edge is enough to kill you in minutes. Where does all this heat come from? The boiling lava below.

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  • Lake Raskshastal, Tibet 4 of 11

    Watch out for the possible 10-headed demon that lives in this lake. Really though, don't step into this saltwater lake that kills everything in its path.

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  • Lake Karachay, Russia 5 of 11

    Considered to be one of the most polluted places on the planet, Lake Karachay has become a dumping zone for nuclear waste in Russia. If a person was to go near this lake he/she would die within an hour.

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  • Lake Kivu, Rwanda 6 of 11

    Lake Kivu might appear to be a calm and serene lake upon arrival, but deep below, volcanic rock and gases are stirring up an explosion of CO2. Only time will tell when it will erupt and kill thousands in its path.

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  • Mount Rainier’s Crater Lake USA 7 of 11

    The water in Mount Rainier's crafter lake is combining with the volcanic sulfur dioxide and making Sulfuric Acid that is quickly eating at the mountain and trying to make way for its disastrous escape.

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  • Mono Lake, California 8 of 11

    This used to be a flourishing lake, until Los Angeles began taking from it for its water. Now, it is considered one of the most deadly lakes because it is rich in poisonous chlorides, carbonates, and sulfates. Word on the street is they will try to restore it back to its previous condition.

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  • Horseshoe Lake, California 9 of 11

    This 'silent killer' is oozing with CO2 at amounts that are almost one hundred times higher than normal. Even being near this lake is enough to kill.

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  • Yellowstone Lake 10 of 11

    Yellowstone is just a hot mess of volcanic activity and the lake is right there with it. A 100-foot dome inside the lake is building with pressure from volcanic activity and could blow at any moment. Wouldn't want to be visiting the park on that day.

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  • Lake Nyos, Africa 11 of 11

    This volcanic crater lake is an explosion in the making. With high amounts of CO2 building up, it appears as though it could be ready to burst…again. In 1986 the lake erupted and left only six out of eight-hundred people in the nearby towns alive. It created a small tsunami and sent water flying up over three-hundred feet in the air, not to mention a cloud of CO2 that nearly wiped out everyone close by.

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    Photo credit United States Geological Survey.

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