10 DIYs to Help Kids Sleep on a Trip

Before you head out on your big trip, consider making a few of these travel DIYs that are sure to help the kids catch some shuteye. Start by making a nap mat that you can literally roll up and take with you everywhere. Next, use a cookie sheet and pillow to make a travel lap tray they can do crafts on when they’re awake and can sleep with in the car. There’s even something for the littlest one of the group.

Check out the 10 DIYs to Help Kids Sleep on a Trip right here…

  • Nap Mat 1 of 10

    The kids can easily curl up anywhere with a nap mat you can roll up and out.
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  • Minkee Eye Mask 2 of 10

    Make a few minkee eyemasks for the kids to use when they are napping on the roadtrip.
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  • Pocket Blanket 3 of 10

    Sew a travel blanket with pockets that can also keep the kids nice and warm.
    Find out more at Merriment Design.

  • Travel Pillow with Pocket 4 of 10

    Stow away their favorite items inside a sweet travel pillow they can easily hold with the handle.
    Find out more at Maya Made.

  • Lap Tray 5 of 10

    This cute lap tray also doubles as a pillow for getting some rest on the road.
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  • Sleepy Swaddle 6 of 10

    Get even your littlest one to sleep easily on the road with a swaddle blanket.
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  • Car Seat Pillow 7 of 10

    Road trip coming up? Sew a car seat pillow for the kids.
    Find out more at Sprouts en Route.

  • Travel Pillowcase 8 of 10

    Make a travel pillowcase with a large pocket for pajamas and toys that you can put on any pillow.
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  • Just Like Home Sheets 9 of 10

    Sew a sheet for the Pack 'N Play that you can bring with you on the trip to remind your little one of home.
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  • Sleeping Bag 10 of 10

    Follow the directions to learn how to make a cozy sleeping bag to bring for the kids when you're camping.
    Find out more at Feelin Crafty.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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